Top 8 Fun Golf Games For Mobiles

Top 8 Fun Golf Games For Mobiles

Golf is a centuries-old game with a global popular following. Its tournaments, including the US Open, and PGA Championship, to mention just a few, draw unparalleled viewership and following across global golf lovers.

Overall, the game sets the player to hit the golf ball with a club with an aim of scoring in a series of holes that normally characterize the golf course. Remember, you ought to achieve this aim with the fewest strokes possible. As such, a good combo of mental and physical strength, plus a workable strategy are important requisites for winners.

As enthralling as it is, game developers have leveraged its popularity and fun to create immersive games that can keep you glued to your screens for hours. With options for multiplayer or playing against the AI, here is our curated list of the top 8 fun golf games worth every minute of your gaming time.

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1. Golf Battle

Designed by Miniclip, this is a simple and fun-to-play game. The interface is intuitive making your gameplay easy on your hands as you compete with up to 6 players in a real-time golf game.

Join the exciting golf course, compete against real players from across the globe. If you make it to the top you win. Similar to other fun games, Golf Battle comes in two versions; the Rush and Classic.

Controls are easy to grasp and as you would expect with a competitive game, there is an option to unlock more intense levels. Improve your ball plus the clubs to enhance your overall performance. Besides, you may customize your avatar as you wish to inject that golf pro vibes as you accurately tee the ball to successive holes.

Available for Android and iOS.

2. Ultimate Golf!

Play Ultimate Golf for a chance to compete against other players in real golf tourneys, and games. You will relish appealing golf courses, a generally stimulating environment, plus the exclusive battle mode, Golf Royale.

If you have dreamt of getting into professional golfing, do not let this chance slide away. The good thing with Ultimate Golf is that you can scale up the ladder from an amateur to a pro to participate in an enchanting golf tournament.

The good news about this game is that a beginner can perfect their swings and drives before inviting their friends to multiplayer championships. Gameplay is effortless as you have the luxury to configure areas where you want the ball to land by swiping them on your screen.

Once ready, it is time to get started. Click the ‘Swing’ button to set the power and angle of the throw by dragging the ball backward and releasing it at the ideal moment.

Available for Android and iOS.

3. Golf Master 3D

The Golf Master 3D allows you to play professional golf with legends and friends, albeit in a virtual setting. Gaming is set in real-time and you can engage in 1-on-1 duels with friends and other global enthusiasts on appealingly designed golf courses.

Controls are smooth and easy to learn and you can progress to extra challenging courses when you raise the sufficient stakes.

The game’s mega prizes might as well catch your attention. Nevertheless, you must conquer your other significant competitors if you have to bag the coveted prize home.

Simply, go out golfing with your friends as you enjoy incredible 3D graphics, a customizable golf course, and limitless power-ups to sharpen your competitive edge.

Available for Android and iOS.

4. PGA TOUR Golf Shootout

Would you be interested in sinking birdies and acing the greens as you level up in successive golf tee-offs? If yes, the PGA Tour Golf Shootout is the ideal game you ought to crave. With gorgeous graphics, it gives you up to 72 golf holes in four real-world locations; TPC Southwind, TPC Scottsdale, TPC Deere Run, and TPC Sawgrass.

Remember, as you play against your opponents, you can scale up your challenges across courses. Daily challenges are impressively rewarding, and the perfect way of unlocking and upgrading the available golf clubs.

Available for Android and iOS.

5. Golden Tee Golf: Online Games

Since its launch, the Golden Golf Tee has been enjoyed by over 20 million global players. If you haven’t yet played it on your mobile, feel free to join the worldwide golfing community. The latest update gives you the luxury to relish the snowy peaks of Tundra as you skillfully follow the trajectory of your tee.

You will find immersive contests with bigger prizes, cool golf equipment customization, and an intricate golf course design. While on the course, players enjoy a balanced mix of classic golfing features and new additions, all spiced up by easy gameplay procedures and controls.

Golden Golf Tee is devoid of repetitive and monotonous conquests. Each day, you have a new challenge with 9 throw modes. Enjoy them and win a prize on each if you are lucky. Successive holes become tougher but luckily, on the flip side, stakes rise higher setting you up for massive wins.

Available for Android and iOS.

6. Golf Rival

Engage competitive golf legends and friends in the palm of your hands with Golf Rival. Designed by Zynga, this game enjoys over 10 million downloads, implying unmatched popularity among golfing enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, even if you are not a golf fan, Golf Rival has ways of tickling your gaming instincts. The multiplayer option will set you to compete in real-time PVP across at least 250 courses.

Hone your skills and get into the ideal gaming mood to leverage the various bespoke golfing equipment, beat your competitors, and unlock exciting prizes.

Available for Android and iOS.

7. Golf Clash

Get out to a sunny golf course and tee off what every player would wish! Well, Golf Clash is your to-go mobile game that brings the perfect golfing multiplayer quests. It comes with 1v1 options or challenging tournaments pitting your Facebook friends.

It has a cool gaming experience where you start as a novice golfer and gradually find your way to the top where you compete with big boys for bigger prizes. The game’s simple mechanics is good news for beginners who find it easy scaling up the ladder.

Available for Android and iOS.

8. Mini Golf King

Welcome to the most challenging golfing experience and edge out other players in befitting multiplayer duels. There is more to gaming in this gaming masterpiece. The adventure, the thrill, and the action-full golf courses will keep you coming back for more.

Essentially, Mini Golf King presents a real-time gameplay setting you to win and collect prizes to unlock successive levels.

You can customize your experience by upgrading your glove, club, or ball. Markedly, the game might hook you to playing more in the weekly tourneys and leaderboards to win enticing prizes.

Gameplay is as easy as it gets. You just drag the finger backward and release it to tee the ball off. Remember, accurate shots on the shortest distance to the hole will win you amazing gems.

Available for Android and iOS.