Makeover Games

Mermaids Makeover Salon

What are Makeover Games?

Beauty and makeover games celebrate the art of styling and the great impact it has on a person’s confidence. These types of games are rich in variety and cover a wide range of genres and mechanics. They provide a way to express one’s love for fashion, makeup, as well as practice skills related to this industry.

Creating unique looks and dressing up for events are some of the usual tasks when playing makeover games online. Sometimes, day-to-day tasks like grooming and selecting outfits are huge elements of this category. In some titles, players get to do other fun activities like decorating homes or interacting with other gamers.

The concept of makeovers in gaming not only delivers fun and entertainment. They can also help the player learn about makeup and styling techniques. These games are inspired by real-life scenarios, making them worth the try for fashionistas and aspiring stylists. However, anyone can play this type of game to pass the time.

What makes this category popular is the fact that most makeover games are easy to understand. Players who want to play relaxing and stress-free titles can surely find these qualities in these games. If you love to be creative, makeovers are an excellent avenue to display your artistic senses.

There are many paid and free makeover games to choose from today, each with varying graphics and gameplay. The vast range of titles featuring this theme is enough to keep entertained for hours. Find the best titles and what makes them so popular in this quick guide!


What is the difference between dress up games, makeover games, and fashion games?

Makeup and fashion are some of the most fascinating topics in real life. Girl makeover games offer a glimpse into the beauty world and everything that usually happens within it. These concepts are only a few among the many interests in this industry. Nevertheless, they are major subjects that people study and practice professionally.

Translated into games, makeover simulations can help you create the best looks with the materials available. Often, these titles incorporate resource management into the game mechanics. This task is a common feature not only for makeover games, but also dress up and fashion games.

That said, it’s confusing for some to differentiate these types of beauty games because they have similar themes. How can you distinguish between various beauty sub-categories? The trick is to look at the main elements of the game.

For example, makeup games for girls focus on makeup application, choosing the best color palette for the required look. On the other hand, dress up games involve creating clothing combinations to fit a specific theme. Lastly, fashion games task players to beautify a model, combining makeup and dress-up to create the perfect look.

However, a lot of players interchange these terms when describing beauty-themed games. It’s understandable since the theme belongs to the same genre, which means many of the components are the same!


Why are makeover games popular among girls?

Fashion and beauty are for everybody, but many girls take up a deeper interest in these topics. It's evident in the industry too: plenty of cosmetic products are formulated for women. Ladies clothing has great variety, and the selection of girl accessories is far and wide. Generally, the past society regarded beauty as a female-centric concept.

Today, girl makeover games prove that fashion is still a woman’s world. There are many titles that appeal to girls of all ages. These games step away from the stressful world of survival or battle royale games, which are typically considered as games for boys.

Girls have a sharp fashion sense, being able to mix and match clothes, accessories, and makeup to create amazing looks. Often, it comes naturally for girls to select pieces that work together to beautify their avatars. It's this styling skill that gave birth to girly games—combining beauty and fashion in a single look!

Dressing up, putting on makeup, switching between outfits are some activities that girls love in real life and in-game. The help of technology makes these tasks accessible not only to experts but fashion enthusiasts and aspiring stylists, too. These days, you can simply login to your favorite game and complete makeover tasks as you please!


What are the best makeup games for mobile phones and tablets?

It’s thrilling to unleash the fashion guru in every girl who dreams of making it into the beauty industry. Makeover games can turn this ambition into a reality, and the best part is that it takes place in the virtual world! These games transport players to this world and enjoy the unique storyline of the game. From styling to applying the finishing touches, makeover games online are exciting to play!

This genre is so popular that developers quickly worked on expanding the customer base. From PC to console, game creators started designing makeover apps for mobile devices. These days, you will find different makeup games for girls in the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android).

If you want to try out these games, here are the latest top-charting makeover games for mobile phones and tablets!

Project Makeover

The global audience of Project Makeover is the reason why this game makes great waves in the gaming world. It is fundamentally a makeover game with a match-3 puzzle theme. The highlight is the storyline, which features a new character for every new level. Players must complete the puzzle task before proceeding to the makeover part.

Project Makeover is one of the free makeover games that enjoys worldwide popularity. There are unlimited bonuses and power-ups to help players enhance the beauty and style of different characters!

Download Project Makeover for App Store and Google Play

Make-up Me

With graphics fitting a fashion magazine spread, the Make-up Me game is the game for aspiring stylists. It’s a great example of makeup games for girls that enhance the player’s cosmetic skills and techniques. You can choose the model to work on and explore the kit filled with the best makeup products.

The player can snap a photo of the final runway-ready look and share it on their social media. This girly game helps future stylists to pick up the steps in creating eye-catching makeup!

Download Make-up Me for Google Play

Super Stylist

The ultimate makeover title, Super Stylist, takes players to the luxurious world of fashion. It’s a story game that enables players to simulate the life of a fashion hub owner. The clients go to their shop to enhance their style and get a full makeover for their event.

The best looks for clients unlock better items for the next styling tasks. This game includes fashion challenges that reward winners with lovely prizes they can use in-game!

Download Super Stylist for App Store and Google Play

Mermaids Makeover Salon

Mythical sea beauties and fashion are a surprising mix in Mermaids Makeover Salon! This game is the complete head-to-toe makeover as the player provides the best salon treatment to their model. There’s a certain thrill to giving a facial and applying makeup to the mermaid’s pretty face. The cherry on top is accessorizing the model to create a more stunning look!

Download Mermaids Makeover Salon for App Store and Google Play

Covet Fashion: Outfit designer

The high-fashion theme of Covet Fashion can inspire players to inject more creativity into the makeover. It's one of the popular makeover games that focuses on runway looks, requiring the stylist to make picture-perfect looks. The goal is to become the best fashion designer, one makeover at a time!

Download Covet Fashion: Outfit designer for App Store and Google Play