Adventure Games

Fireboy and Watergirl 4 Crystal Temple

What are Adventure Games?

Some gamers can spend months or years playing a game that captures their interest and attention. Adventure games are among the popular genres that people become invested in for their engaging storyline and mechanics. These titles often unravel breathtaking worlds, scenarios, and mind-boggling puzzles that take players on an immersive experience.

Adventure games online refer to computer, console, and mobile gaming titles that focus on exploration and problem solving. This genre typically follows a narrative with a fantasy theme with unique storytelling. In most titles, the player transforms into the protagonist who must complete challenges to level up or finish the game.

In the adventure genre, gamers usually gather resources that they can use to survive or defend themselves. There are other elements to explore in these games such as building abodes or items needed to continue. Some tasks may take a while, but they ultimately feel rewarding to complete for the time and effort spent.

What are the different types of adventure games?

Going on a quest is always a fun activity, whether in real life or in the virtual world. The expansive adventure game genre can be further broken down into different categories, and here are some of them.

Point and click games

Computer games centered on an adventure theme can involve plenty of pointer clicking, which is the gameplay of point-and-click titles. You drag and select an object to interact with and finish any given mission or objective. This subgenre is often called traditional since every click can move you along to the next phase of the adventure.

Older point and click games feature a text adventure, wherein the story progresses following the player’s on-screen prompts. Newer titles minimize this format and instead emphasize context-based interactions. Popular titles in this type of game include The Walking Dead and Minecraft.

Role-playing games

The variability of the story flow in role playing games or RPG is more diverse than other subgenres out there. In this game, the player takes on a character’s persona and makes decisions that affect the storyline. The choices they make cause the game to react and present a corresponding scenario.

In RPG adventure games, the sophisticated narration and expansive world takes players on a long and winding journey. It may take longer to complete the game but ultimately deepens the gamer’s fondness for the game.

Puzzle adventure games

Unraveling mysteries is the dominant activity in puzzle adventure games, incorporating problem solving into the gameplay. Titles under this classification require players to interact with complex puzzles that need lateral thinking. The goal is to progress to the next stage of adventure that can only be done by completing the puzzle.

As a main element, puzzles in arcade games up the challenge and test a person’s logic. These games also practice your abilities such as creativity, concentration, and attention to detail. Some people recommend this sub-genre as a brain exercise filled with tons of entertainment in the mix.

Classic adventure games

Classic adventure games refer to titles that are representative of this genre. The game design contains traditional elements like scavenger hunts and a story-driven plot. Usually single-player format, classic adventure video games transport you into an immersive environment. There, you need to develop the character by embarking on a quest.

Events unfold one after the other in classic adventure titles, which vary depending on a player’s choices. The graphic element of the classics follows your movement, whether in third-person or first-person perspective. Kingdom Hearts series and the Monkey Island trilogy are notable examples in this category.

What are the best adventure games?

Day of the Tentacle

A LucasArts classic, Day of the Tentacle follows the story of three friends on their journey to save the world. The protagonists need to defeat the mutated purple tentacle by completing quests in a point-and-click format. This game has a remastered version to give the younger generation a chance to discover and enjoy this masterpiece.

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Family Island – Farming Game

Go back in time with Family Island—Farming Game, one of the adventure games online set in the Stone Age. Players can assume various roles such as a cook, trader, farmer, and other characters to gradually build a city. There are so many tasks to complete that there’s absolutely no downtime when you play this game!

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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a LucasArts adventure transporting players to the night before World War II. The main character, Indy, must stop enemies from stealing a dangerous weapon that could destroy the world. With many locations to explore and tasks to finish, this game lets you fulfill the adventure you desire.

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The Secret of Monkey Island

Go on a quest to find hidden pirate treasures in The Secret of Monkey Island. The goal is to challenge the challenges of the island as the protagonist, Guybrush Threepwood. The latest remastered editions offer a more interactive game interface, keeping it fresh and fun for newer audiences.

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Skillfite is one of the adventure games online that tasks players to craft gear and sharpen their skills to survive. This title enables multiplayer mode, letting you team up for battle. It’s available as a browser game, making it accessible across several platforms like mobile and desktop.

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Ice Age Adventures

Play as the beloved characters in Ice Age Adventures, braving the hurdles of a world on the verge of mass extinction. Aside from the main storyline, you can also complete mini-games to earn rewards. The breathtaking 3D graphics and endearing characters are more than enough reasons to get ahold of this game!

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Fireboy and Watergirl 1: Forest Temple

Overcome traps, collect gems, and complete levels in Fireboy and Watergirl 1: Forest Temple. You and a friend can take on the roles of two friends working together to get through the gameplay loop. There are many obstacles to conquer, which require strategic planning from both players.

The cooperative feature of this title is a great way to introduce the value of teamwork to children. Recommended for kids 6 years and older, the game can teach perseverance and quick thinking to progress from stage to stage.

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Temple Run Classic

What’s interesting about Temple Run Classic is that it follows the events after the protagonist picks up the treasure. The character has no choice but to run the endless maze and survive for as long as possible. Players control the hero to avoid booby traps and collect coins along the way.

Adventure games like this title are addictive to play and are a sure test of reflexes and hand-eye coordination. You should also master the timing of when to jump, slide, and turn to navigate the maze efficiently.

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Escape or Die

Flash game lovers can play Escape or Die on their favorite browser thanks to HTML5 technology. The gamer should stay alive by strategizing their survival throughout the challenges. Before the bomb sets off, the player needs to think quickly before the four-minute time limit is up. It’s one of the top adventure titles that features exploration with a sprinkle of puzzle solving.

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Dead Land: Survival

The fight to stay alive in a zombie apocalypse is the primary goal of Dead Land: Survival. This browser game requires the player to ward off zombies by reinforcing their shelter and crafting equipment and weapons. It has simple controls and thrilling encounters that define what an ideal RPG adventure gameplay should be.

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