Action Games

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What are Action Games?

A great number of the gaming community prefer genres that offer boundless adventure and excitement. People love to play action games that test hand-eye coordination and reflexes. The fast-paced gameplay and next-level mechanics are fit for anyone who spends more time gaming than the casual player. With a game action element, there’s rarely a dull moment in this genre!

Video games classified as action games put more emphasis on physical challenges, which often require quick reaction times. Typically, the game consists of several sequences, all happening one right after the other. Every action has a consequence, which eventually leads to a corresponding outcome.

The best action games are those that require the dynamic involvement of the player. That means either clicking the fire button, controlling the movement joystick, or other actions required in the game. Most of the time, you need to work under pressure to overcome tough obstacles and reach goals. These games have more complex details from the graphics to the controls and other components.

This genre remains popular year after year as people search ‘action games’ on app stores. The genre is a mishmash of sub-categories that are beloved worldwide. There are first-person shooters, action role playing games, platform mechanics, and more. The key elements are the moving parts: the streamlined switch from one level or sequence to the next.

There’s plenty more to learn about the action genre in gaming. From the different sub-genres to the best titles, you will find a boatload of information as you read on!


What are the different types of action games?

People love a good plot in games, but the stronger appeal of action games is the thrill they provide. Aside from completing the objective, players also need to help their character survive. Most action games add pressure by challenging the gamer to stay alive throughout several encounters with battles and bosses.

In general, action games test a player's skills. However, each sub-genre has distinct gameplay that requires unique qualities from the user. Here's an explanation of the different types of action games.

Action Adventure Games

In the action-adventure category, the player transforms into the main lead that interacts with the elements of the story. Typically, there are two parts to accomplish: overcoming obstacles and performing actions to complete the theme.

Action RPGs Games

There's something exciting about interacting with other players in real time. Action RPG games offer this feature, letting you compete with other users in the virtual world. This type of game tests the player's reflexes and accuracy, blocking enemies' attacks and going on the offense as needed.

Action Tower Defense Games

Computer-generated foes known as creeps are one of the defining characters of action tower defense games. The goal is to upgrade the towers to block the enemies from progressing in the game. Most games reward players with in-game credits for putting down creeps, which can be used for improving tower defense.

Action Shooting Games

Shooter games are some of the most played titles in the market because of their universal appeal. Players see nonstop action, going head-to-head with other players or non-player characters (NPCs) for the win. These games feature lives or health bars, which gamers need to maintain to survive the challenge.

Fighting Games

Combat-style games rightfully belong to the action category thanks to their classic mechanics. Players need to sharpen their hand-eye coordination and combination plays to beat the opponent. In titles with progression, gamers need to defeat stronger opponents as they level up.


What are the best action games for mobile (phones and tablets)?

Call of Duty

The fast-paced battle frenzy in Call of Duty depicts war-torn locations and player-versus-player action. This franchise boasts an outstanding commercial success, with millions of players globally. The mobile app has multiplayer and battle royale modes, and features some of the classic maps of the PC and console versions.

This game dominates the charts when you search action games, and rightfully so. It’s a certified classic, with heartfelt storylines and high-quality graphics that gamers love.

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Brawl Stars

Chaotic fights and supercharged attacks are what Brawl Stars is about. Players become the ‘brawler’, fighting to defeat another brawler by decimating their health. Each character possesses different stats including a special attacking style. When you hit the opponent, this super attack charges up until it activates and is ready for use.

Offering several game modes, Brawl Stars has plenty in store for different kinds of players. The range of options ensures that everyone can find something to love about this game.

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PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile belongs to the battle royale category, although it has other modes available in-game. A hundred players drop on the same map and find loot before enemies do. There’s added pressure when the playable area becomes smaller, forcing intense battles to take place.

This last man standing format makes the game action incredibly popular in the global market. There are also upgradable skins and items that add to the magnetism of this title.

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Marvel Contest of Champions

Gamers can get a taste of superhero life when they play action games like Marvel Contest of Champions. This comic-themed video game is a top choice for fans of the most famous superheroes like Spiderman and Wolverine. With easy controls and a large character selection, this title is packed with content that enhances the player’s experience.

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Modern Combat 5 Mobile

The battlefield is alive and on fire in Modern Combat 5, a first-person shooter game with a great storyline. It's one of the best action games for mobile that you can play as a solo campaign or in multiplayer mode. The latest version has several game types, including free-for-all and capture the flag.

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What are the best action games online?


Fortnite is a free-to-play (F2P) battle royale game that players continue to support for its fast matchmaking and unique mechanics. Aside from surviving as the last team or player standing, you can craft structures that can protect or heal you.

Call of Duty Series

Call of Duty was originally developed for PC and console platforms. This game has a huge following worldwide thanks to the competitive and fast gameplay. The mechanics have a simple learning curve, making it friendly for those trying shooting action games.

Assassin’s Creed Series

The historical narrative of Assassin’s Creed blended with stealth-mode mechanics are some reasons for the game’s positive reception. It’s an action RPG title with a stunning game design and top-notch graphics that transports players to the past.

Doom Eternal

The Doom Eternal franchise is known for its industry-leading level design that bests other FPS games. Slaying demons nonstop is the major objective wherein players control Doomguy to sustain their momentum. It's a beloved action-adventure game that takes power fantasy to a new level.

The Legend of Zelda

A Nintendo classic, The Legend of Zelda continues to surprise players despite existing for decades. This game stands the test of time, being one of the few that combines puzzles and combat in gameplay. Some fans call it the game with meaning, captivating the gaming community for its endearing storyline.


Chart-topping action games are a great exercise for gamers who want to test the limits of their skills. This genre, including the sub-categories, are popular video games that are a real challenge for newbies and veteran gamers alike.