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Top 8 Fun Golf Games For Mobiles

Top 8 Fun Golf Games For Mobiles

Golf is a centuries-old game with a global popular following. Its tournaments, including the US Open, and PGA Championship, to mention just a few, draw unparalleled viewership and following across global golf lovers.

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What are Sports Games?

People across the globe may have different languages, but there are universal concepts that anyone can understand. Sports have a way of bringing fans together regardless of age or gender, promoting competitiveness in a positive light. Digital sports games simulate the immersive experience of these events including genuine scenarios like the crowd and environment.

These video simulations of real-world sports match a person's preference for action and fun. Free sports games allow players to control an avatar that delves into various types of sports. In some titles, the gamer can command several athletes at the same time and supervise teamplay. The major goal is to win the competition, although there could be minigames or side quests to add more action to the game.

In this genre, a wide range of sports are playable depending on the player's preference. For example, there are football games and tennis games based on real sporting events like FIFA, NBA, and more. The appeal of these games comes from customizability, wherein players get to personalize characters, layout, and other details.


What kind of sports games are the most popular?

The virtual world featured in sports games enables fans to play like their favorite athlete or team. There's a huge selection of sporting games to play on mobile devices, making it quite overwhelming to pick a sport. Nevertheless, there are a few titles that stand out from the huddle. Here are the best sports games that players would choose any day.

Soccer games

Soccer is a team sport played between two teams consisting of eleven players each. Generally, the players must follow the rules when passing and scoring a goal. Violations may grant a penalty kick to the opposing team depending on the referee’s call. The rules and physics are typically the same in digital versions, too. However, developers may include unique elements to make scoring games more exciting.

As a special treat to players, some soccer games incorporate fantastic elements like power-ups. These add-ons widen the audience, enticing younger audiences to try these games.

Racing games

One of the best sports games that people love is the many racing games available today. This type of game depicts high-speed competitions on the racetrack. The range of sub-categories in this genre is far and wide, with different themes like classic leagues and fantastical series to try.

Some of the most played titles belong to racing games because they are easy to play. Once you master the controls, it’s time to focus on familiarizing yourself with the tracks. Some games provide extra boosts that can become the key to winning the race!


Basketball is a beloved sport worldwide, and the same is true for its video game version. Fans are raving over basketball games that focus on various aspects of the sport, as well as the entire gameplay. Under this genre, there are popular dunking games and streetball that offer great variety for lovers of this sport.

Sports games like basketball are also a good start to learning the mechanics and strategies. For beginners, playing this genre can help them discover basic terminologies and techniques in preparation for the real game.

American football

The fanfare for American football games remains constant every year, which is why this genre’s video games are always well-liked. Casual players and die-hard fans of this sport get to play on the field and practice their moves. From touchdowns to long passes to field goals, this game gives quite the rush that mimics real-life football leagues.

If you love the Superbowl, this type of game is a top pick for you. It’s also great for newbies who want to understand this complex game fast. It’s an action-packed genre designed for football enthusiasts all around the world.

Fighting games

Boxing, martial arts, and other fighting games deserve a spot in this quick rundown because of its general appeal. This category can often be played by two people in a versus format. Hand-to-hand combat is a classic example, which in the absence of a real opponent can assign a computer-generated enemy. This versatility ensures that these games can be enjoyed alone or with friends.

Free sports games featuring this theme are an excellent way to spend quick breaks or idle time. Some titles allow gamers to level up and improve their character, ensuring they keep coming back to play the game.

What are the best sports games for mobile (phone and tablet)?

EA Sports FC Mobile Soccer

Legendary stars in the soccer world are waiting to join your team in the EA Sports FC Mobile Soccer. This popular sports game lets players train a team of professional athletes for a grueling match ahead. It’s one of the best soccer games that allows you to collect world-class player items and build an impressive inventory.

Download EA Sports FC Mobile Soccer for App Store and Google Play

NBA Live Mobile Basketball

EA Sports brings another world-renowned sport into the gaming community through NBA Live Mobile Basketball. Players get to draft a lineup and create the ultimate team to compete in seasonal and limited time events.

Download NBA Live Mobile Basketball for App Store and Google Play

Hill Climb Racing

The physics-based Hill Climb Racing is a treat for young aspiring racers. Conquer the hills and navigate through the ups and downs of the track with your trusted vehicle. There are coins to collect to upgrade your performance in the game!

Download Hill Climb Racing for App Store and Google Play

Madden NFL Mobile Football

Competing for the win is the objective of Madden NFL Mobile Football. You can build a team of football superstars and fill the positions with athletes bearing the best stats. Players can keep their core squad and progress throughout the game with trusted football stars.

Download Madden NFL Mobile Football for App Store and Google Play

World Soccer League

World Soccer League is one of the free sports games with four modes and thousands of soccer players to pick. It follows the physics of a real-life sporting event, enabling you to practice dribbling and shooting. It features a leaderboard to motivate gamers to reach the top and achieve greatness!

Download World Soccer League for App Store and Google Play

Need for Speed No Limits

The Need for Speed franchise is a collection of the best racing titles in the market. Need for Speed No Limits joins the ranks of the most played games in the world today. The mobile version enables gamers to collect cars and make them race-ready by exploring customization options. Only the best build can win!

Download Need for Speed No Limits for App Store and Google Play

Tennis Clash: Multiplayer

Tennis games played online like the Tennis Clash: Multiplayer offers intuitive controls and 3D graphics for the enjoyment of players. You can collect characters and play with friends in this highly interactive game for tennis lovers.

Download Tennis Clash: Multiplayer for App Store and Google Play

Golf Clash

Play a round of golf with other players worldwide and in real-time in Golf Clash. This game has a multiplayer format and easy-to-learn mechanics that lead you to the top of a global tournament. The more you level up, the better tours you can unlock to sharpen your skills.

Download Golf Clash for App Store and Google Play

Basketball Stars

Go head-to-head with another player in Basketball Stars, an authentic virtual game where you can shoot some hoops. It’s among the fast-paced basketball games with high stakes and high rewards for the best performers on the court!

Download Basketball Stars for App Store and Google Play

8-Ball Pool

The challenge that gamers experience in 8-Ball Pool is enough to make them want to play this game over again. This classic pool game has an online multiplayer option so you can clash with other users in real time. Make sure to have a stable internet connection when playing sports games like 8-Ball Pool to keep the fun coming!

Download 8-Ball Pool for App Store and Google Play