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Going to the dentist has not been fun but Dentist Fear has made it an exciting experience. If one dread the dentist, he is going to love this game. This game provides an opportunity to become a dentist and to have fun cleaning the teeth of the pet or patient.

The user need to blast away all germs that are hiding in the mouth of the patient and to do this, he will be using a horse drill. User need to remove all cracked holes and after completing this task, he will get to work cleaning the teeth. His teeth can be cleaned by using different available tools and equipment. The Dentist Fear game provides a variety of tools to clean the teeth of patient. With a small vacuum, all the gum can be sucked from teeth. Moreover, the person will also be responsible for pulling out any rotten teeth and replacing them with new ones.

Key features of dentist fear are:

  • Blasting the germs that are hiding
  • Removal of any cracked holes
  • Cleaning the teeth by selecting a tool from a variety
  • Sucking all the gum from the teeth of the animal.

Some User says:

“This game is an absolute hit! My children adore playing it, and now they’re more enthusiastic about brushing their teeth!”

“It’s an entertaining, wild app that keeps my little ones engaged while educating them on the significance of dental hygiene.”

After completing all the crucial procedures, it’s time to get creative and decorate the teeth of the patient with a broad collection of available colors. To color the teeth, you can use a paint palette and you are free to use that any way to make your patient comfortable and beautiful.

The best part of the Dentist Fear is that going to the dentist does not have to be scary, and it can be made amazing. It’s a lot of fun because one will be learning many things pertaining to proper dental hygiene. Buckle up to blast away germs, and remove holes by playing Dentist Fear.

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