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What are Girl Games?

The gaming community is a mishmash of players with different backgrounds and personalities. A huge cut of this population consists of young girls who love playing simulators featuring fashion and makeovers. Other players choose girl games that cover a wide range of interests such as pet caring and grocery shopping. In this genre, there are multiple categories to explore!

Girly games are a genre of video games catering to young girls. In the past, developers designed this type of game to follow stereotypical favorites like shopping, makeup, and relationships. Today, girl games online take inspiration from different concepts that are relevant and relatable for young ladies around the world.

From cooking to pet caring to shop management, the diversity found in games for girls is impressive. They are not only made to entertain but also allow kids to learn about a multitude of topics found in real life. Generally, there are different types of girl games for kids to explore, and here are some of them.

Dress up games for girls

For little girls that have a love for clothing or putting on costumes, dress up games are the perfect match. These games allow players to create looks and enhance the aesthetic appeal of an avatar through clothes. Some titles enable girls to play the role of iconic characters such as a princess or a pop star.

The idea of dressing up came from the hugely popular paper dolls from the 90s. Kids could swap the figure’s looks by simply selecting clothing cutouts and layering them atop the doll. Virtual versions are even more fun as players can customize the appearance down to the tiny details.

In most games of this kind, the objective is to find a fitting look for a given scenario. For example, players need to dress up the lady for a gala night, which requires formal wear. You can pick an elegant gown and high-heeled shoes to improve your stance. Then, you can choose a bag and create the finishing touches that ensure that the doll is looking its best!

Fashion games for girls

Fashion games are among the most played American girl games. It’s no surprise that these titles continue to gather players from across the globe because fashion is a universal language. Although every girl has unique tastes in style, there are several go-to looks that work like a charm every time. Fashion games enable players to explore the virtual industry and play with clothes, makeup, and more.

Players often use fashion games as an umbrella term to refer to all other fun girl games, but there’s a slight difference. In this category, you need to organize the overall appearance of the avatar. That means they need to get a makeover from head to toe. Their makeup, clothing, and accessories must all work together to make a stunning runway-ready look for the model.

These games for girls are worth trying for those who want to start a career in the booming industry. Future stylists and designers can start with fashion games and play mix-and-match with virtual pieces. That way, they can develop a unique style that they can apply once they join the real world of fashion. Makeover games are the stepping stone for aspiring fashionistas out there!

Make up games for girls

Beauty is another trending topic for girl games that never go out of season. Make up games always create a buzz, especially for those who love creating different makeup aesthetics. It’s a lovely time managing makeover sessions using different beauty products like eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and more. Some games offer facial customization like eye color and hair color, too.

What makes makeup games special is that you can style a model without spending money on expensive products. You can create classic looks using the techniques that are trending today. Winged eyeliner, plump lips, and eyelash extensions are possible options in several makeup games available in the market. There's a chance to play with glitters and tattoos to come up with one-of-a-kind looks for the model.

Games under this category feature models that need a makeover. Some titles let you work on celebrities and famous characters in movies and shows. The experience that these girly games provide is truly eye-opening, especially for little ladies who want to become makeup artists. These games are the starter pack for any dream career in the hair and makeup industry!

What are the best girl games for mobile (phone and tablet)?

Project Makeover

Fashion games like Project Makeover incorporate puzzles into the simulation genre. This game starts with the story of the main character, often needing a complete makeover to turn their life around. The engaging plot as well puzzle solving mechanics are the biggest reasons why this title is very popular for players worldwide.

Download Project Makeover for App Store and Google Play

Fashion Nail Salon

Another hot concept in the fashion industry is nail art and painting, which is featured in Fashion Nail Salon. This game designates the player as a nail artist, working on the customer's nails to create stunning designs. There are a bunch of nail polish colors and accessories to play with, which helps beautify the nails and complement the skin tone.

Download Fashion Nail Salon for App Store and Google Play

Decorate your walk-in closet

A huge closet containing clothes and accessories is a girl's dream. Decorate Your Walk-in Closet game fulfills this yearning, which basically follows a room decoration theme. You can become an interior designer arranging your wardrobe, from the wallpaper to the ceiling to the shelves. Your dream closet is now a drag and drop away!

Download Decorate Your Walk-in Closet for App Store

Covet Fashion: Outfit Designer

More than your regular dress up games, Covet Fashion: Outfit Designer is the game for future fashion designers. Players need to choose an outfit from over a hundred brands and style the virtual model to perfection. It’s a great example of girl games online where fashion, strategy, and creativity meet!

Download Covet Fashion: Outfit Designer for App Store and Google Play

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Barbie is a little girl’s best friend and she’s ready to invite players into her lovely dreamhouse! Meet the world-famous doll and her friends and go on exciting adventures with the crew. There are minigames related to cooking, dancing, parties, and just about any other entertaining activities out there. Fashion-savvy girls can find their type of quests such as makeovers, interior design, nail salon, and more in this game.

Download Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures for App Store and Google Play

Shopping mall & dress up game

Girls look forward to shopping time and it's fitting to have a virtual game dedicated to it. Shopping Mall & Dress Up game has everything you need when it comes to spoiling yourself with new clothes and accessories. Players can select and check out items that catch their eye and travel around town to get the latest fashion finds.

Download Shopping Mall & Dress Up Game for App Store

White horse princess

The ethereal White horse princess needs a royal stylist to dress her up in the most breathtaking outfits. The players become her designers, picking the most suitable clothing and accessories to flatter her already beautiful face. Once you achieve the final look, you can capture a Kodak-worthy picture of the princess with the majestic river in the background. You get unlimited chances to style her to your heart's content!

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