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Do you enjoy shopping for clothes? Are you interested in making yourself look as beautiful as possible? Then it’s time for a trip to the mall to put together your new look! Choose your own clothes, pick out any stylish accessories, and get yourself touched up at the spa.

Put your outfit together and create the fashionable look that you always wanted. You have a variety of clothes to choose from, and several accessories that pair well with your outfit. Buy as much as you can to try them on later.

Once you purchase everything you like, head to the spa, and get a beauty treatment that will suit your new clothes. Don’t forget to travel to the salon to change your hair and even decorate your nails. Clothes are just one part of your appearance; you should get a matching hairstyle and color that create the ultimate look.

Go to several locations around town to refine your appearance at every location. The perfect look isn’t just about getting the right outfit or getting a haircut. It’s about making sure you look good from top to bottom.

Here are some of the features you can expect while playing:

  • Choose from a large variety of clothes and accessories that give you several design combinations to work with.
  • Purchase multiple outfits to mix and match your appearance as you desire.
  • Head to the spa and apply beauty treatment to give your face the care it deserves.
  • Go to the salon and change your hairstyle and color to fit your preferences. You can even add accessories and nail polish to your hands for that extra touch.
  • Try everything you purchased and test your creativity by making the most out of what you have.

Players have shared a few great comments about Shopping Mall & Dress Up Game. Here’s what some of them have said:

“Really nice company there’s so many things you can do on this app it’s a really fun and nice game and one of the things that I like about it is that like you could dress up and like do you like your characters hair and nails that’s what I really like about it.”

“This game is awesome I just wish that it wasn’t that hard to do but other than that the game is awesome and plz make more because the game is awesome”

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