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White Horse Princess Dress Up

What are Dress Up Games?

Fashion is one of the biggest industries in the world. It’s a huge market that inspired many girls to play dress up games to mimic the most successful fashionistas today. This type of virtual game lets players choose clothes and shoes, as well as accessories to upgrade the character’s look.

Dress up games for kids have a fascinating theme that allows imagination and creativity to run free. You can play with motifs and colors, finding the perfect match that looks impressive for the wearer. More than choosing outfits, players can also roleplay in games that have a distinct storyline. Most titles in this category simulate real-life situations, which enriches the user’s experience further.

Inspired by paper dolls, dress up games for girls are traditional in their most basic form. The only difference is the adaptation to the digital world, making it more accessible for more players. It's a popular category since it enables you to explore fashion without needing to buy pricey outfits and accessories.

Dressing up games are indeed a worthy substitute for real-life scenarios. Some titles offer a chance to create a get-up with the trendiest designs today. Other games in this selection emulate fashion styles of the past. Therefore, there’s a chance for players of all ages to discover fashion from various eras leading up to the present.

There’s an astounding number of dressing up games and apps that players can dive into anytime. Read this guide to get more information about this category and which games are leading today!


What are the different types of dress up games?

It’s easy to assume that all dress-up game titles are the same in design and mechanics. After all, changing outfits and accessorizing are recurring activities in this genre. However, there is more variety than one thinks, especially in terms of playing style and elements.

One of the biggest differences is the setting or event that guides the story. Some titles feature pageants or high-fashion shows. Others require dressing up the characters for a wedding or a party. Dress up games can be further classified into these sub-categories.

Anime and manga dress up

Manga artists draw their characters to perfection, which is a huge reason why anime is well-loved today. Anime dress up games cater to this niche, giving manga lovers a way to choose outfits for their favorites. Eye-candy clothes look even cuter once the anime character wears them!

Fashion dress up

Every fashionista yearns to mix and match the latest trends in fashion. A fashion dress up game for kids lets players fulfill this dream if only in the virtual world. This type of game provides an opportunity to enter the high-fashion world and display creations that boast a stylish flair.

Celebrity dress up

Celebrities need to look like they stepped out of a magazine almost every time, making dress-up a staple for them. These dress-up games will require players to carefully choose picture-perfect outfits for the celebrity. They are always out and about, and that’s why it is vital to help them look their best from head to toe!

Wedding and bridal dress up

Dressing up is a must at weddings, especially for brides who want a standout look for their big day. This sub-category tackles bridal fashion in all its glory despite being only in the virtual world. The player should pick a gown and give the bride a lovely makeover that they can cherish for a lifetime.

Baby dress up

It's a wholesome experience to select the baby's outfit and make them appear more adorable. This type of dress up game is often tied to babysitting games, adding another kind of challenge. These games are specially designed for girls and ladies who want to learn something about caring for a baby.

Pet and animal dress up

Fashion isn’t only for humans because pets can also spruce up their looks. In this sub-category, the player can dress up their pet by following a theme or simply following their instinct. Virtual animals or pets need some styling, too!


What are the best dress up games for mobile (phones and tablets)?

Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion is at the top of the category because of its worldwide popularity and appeal. Players get to transform into an in-demand stylist for gorgeous models and celebrities. It's one of the girls dress up games that enables you to choose outfits from real-life brands in the market. This must-have app is a wise choice for fashionistas-in-training who want to improve their skills.

Download Covet Fashion for App Store and Google Play

White horse princess

Princess dress up games never run out of audience because there are many girls who want to live like royalty. The White Horse Princess game is a glimpse into this luxurious world. Players choose elegant dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, and other accessories for the princess. They need to style the pet horse to match their royal owner, too.

Download White Horse Princess for App Store and Google Play

Super Stylist Fashion Makeover

The Super Stylist Fashion Makeover game follows the life of a successful stylist for the stars. The clothes and accessories are a different level of fabulous, which are fitting of the virtual VIP clientele. Your job is to invest in clothing collections and style celebrities, making a profit with every Stylagram-worthy outfit!

Download Super Stylist Fashion Makeover for App Store and Google Play

Magic Princess: Dress Up Games

This genre is never complete without a digital simulation of classic doll games. Magic Princess: Dress Up Games staying true to this old-but-gold theme is the reason why it’s popular. Outfits, makeup, and hairstyles are customizable for the doll character. It incorporates interaction through player versus player competitions. You can unlock better items once you win these thrilling battles.

Download Magic Princess: Dress Up Games for App Store and Google Play

Love Nikki- Dress UP Queen

One of the best anime dress up games, Love Nikki- Dress UP Queen explores different design styles. Players must strive to complete the tasks set for each of the seven featured countries in story mode. You may also play the relaxing free design mode, which provides unlimited chances of mixing and matching outfits.

Download Love Nikki- Dress UP Queen for App Store and Google Play

Fashion Stylist: Dress Up Game

Fashion is inclusive, which makes Fashion Stylist: Dress Up Game a gift for everybody. People of all genders and ages can become who they want to be in this world. It promises endless ways to style various characters with an impressive catalog of clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Download Fashion Stylist: Dress Up Game for Google Play

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

The Kardashians are already a household name for anyone who is interested in fashion. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a celebrity life simulator that combines style and a romantic storyline. You will play the role of the Hollywood star who experiences everything there is to the rich and famous.

Download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood for App Store and Google Play



The best dress up games come with different features and gameplay that make them truly unique. You can get your hands on these game titles on your device and find out for yourself why they top the charts today. More than that, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a skilled stylist or fashionista in the virtual arena!