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What are Casual Games?

The gaming industry branches out to an extensive range of genres for different players. Casual games refer to titles that offer relaxed fun and low- or no-commitment gameplay. That means users can return to these apps whenever they want without affecting their gaming experience. These games adapt to one’s schedule—it’s perfectly alright to run these titles only when you’re free, stressed, or bored.

Casual games online and offline often refer to titles that have simple, easy-to-understand mechanics and short playing sessions. Generally, these games require minimal mental investment and do not need a high level of concentration. The relative ease and usability of these games explain why there are millions of players worldwide who prefer this genre.

Developers create this type of game for the mass market, which is why they often have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ design. Different groups of people can enjoy these games in the same way because they are almost always made for everybody.

In a sense, free casual games are the opposite of hardcore games, which require laser-focus and special skills. While intensive games have complex layouts and interfaces, casual titles have simple controls to ensure that everyone can follow. Also, progression is uncomplicated, unlike hardcore gaming which challenges players to overcome complex obstacles and levels.

While casual gaming is often underestimated by serious gamers, many still prefer this genre. Players can quickly reach the level of proficiency that helps them win levels. These games are engaging in their own way despite requiring little time and effort to learn.


Why are casual games popular?

The simplicity of free casual games is part of a player’s reasoning why they like this genre. These titles remain in the app charts from year to year because they’re the perfect option to pass the time. In addition, they don’t feel compelled to login daily, although some games could offer rewards for regular users.

From the early versions of Microsoft casual games, it’s clear how this genre serves its purpose. Players can cure their boredom with these games and log off when it’s time to get back to work. Today, casual gaming exists to give gamers more relaxed options, especially if they want to cool down from intense games.

Most casual gaming titles double as educational or inspirational apps, too. Depending on the category, these games can enhance cognitive skills and sharpen critical thinking. Some can even hone artistic skills, allowing players to create virtual designs that can become an inspiration in real life.

However, a major explanation for why this type of game is popular is because it is universal. People of all ages anywhere in the world can download this game and find common ground with other players. Plus, most of these games are free, making them more accessible to a broader global audience.


What are the categories of casual games?

Casual games are an umbrella term for varying sub-categories that target hobbyist gamers. Here are a few common examples.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga mainly require solving different types of puzzles to complete a level or task. This category urges players to use their logic to find solutions to advance in the game. A puzzle game may literally or figuratively ask you to put the pieces together. These titles are a brain exercise that anyone can easily access wherever they feel comfortable gaming.

Endless Runners

Although Endless Runners has features that match other genres, they are still considered a casual game. Popular games like Subway Surfers and Temple Run belong to this sub-category. In these titles, the player must run and conquer obstacles like barricades or manholes. The character does not stop running, hence the name.

Time Management Games

Although time management games inject a stressful element, these games remain casual because of their straightforward mechanics. For instance, Diner Dash consists of repetitive actions like preparing the order and serving them. It’s easy for players to master the gameplay and win levels with enough practice.

Match-three Games

Match-3 games are a unique type of puzzle featuring tile matching of at least three or more. Titles like Homescapes possess this format and are a huge hit in the market. Although technically a puzzle, the match-3 game is a sub-category due to the sheer number of titles classified under it.

Social Simulation Games

The Sims and Animal Crossing are some of the most famous social simulation games available today. These casual gaming PC and mobile versions have a huge following because they allow player-to-player and player-to-environment interactions. These games simulate real-life situations, which are fun and entertaining to experience in the virtual world as well.


What are the best casual games for mobile (phone and tablet)?

Casual games are so popular that they get a lot of love from the gaming community. This genre has several standout titles, and here are some of them.

Candy Crush Saga

Millions of people play Candy Crush Saga thanks to its impressive game design. Surprisingly, this simple puzzle game is highly engaging—players can go from one level to the next quickly. To date, there are thousands of levels to complete, and new levels are added weekly.

Download Candy Crush Saga for App Store and Google Play

Subway Surfer

Subway Surfer has an infinite runner design, requiring players to navigate the skating platform built throughout the subway tracks. This game can train one’s reflexes as they avoid oncoming trains and other obstacles. Players can select a character to play and pick up coins to unlock more items in-game.

Download Subway Surfer for App Store and Google Play


The vast and open world of Roblox gives gamers a chance to explore, build, and craft virtual structures. This sandbox game is one of the best casual games for people that foster social interactions with other players. It also allows you to express your creativity as you continue to construct your world.

Download Roblox for App Store and Google Play

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans enables players to band together and strengthen the power and protection of their base. This game requires clan members to cooperate as they fight to win Clan Wars. It’s a decent village builder game filled with unique elements and design that improves the gameplay experience.

Download Clash of Clans for App Store and Google Play

Angry Birds

Trial and error define Angry Bird games since players need to decide how to sling the bird and destroy structures. It includes an interesting storyline that expounds on why birds and pigs are enemies in this world. Casual games like this title are ideal as a breaktime companion for teens and adults alike.

Download Angry Birds for App Store and Google Play

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies was a whopping success during its release and continues to be a popular game today. The simple mechanics combined with exciting tower defense and strategy genres make this title an irresistible game to play.

Download Plants vs Zombies for App Store and Google Play

Helix Jump

Casual PC games like Helix Jump are a mix of different elements that effectively appeal to different demographics. It’s a runner and puzzle game that lets players guide the ball across platforms. The visual quality of this game is strong, and the game controls are some of the easiest on this list.

Download Helix Jump for App Store and Google Play



These top picks for casual games are easy to find on app stores for mobile devices. That said, you can try to download and play these titles because they are the perfect introduction to the universe of gaming!