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This game introduces the aspect of measurement and tailoring and shows which body parts are to be taken into account when making dresses, hence it is informative to the players. As we write these lines, Fashion Studio Designer Game has two levels; “Fashion studio designer” and the other is “Make your fashion dress”.

The fashion studio designer game allows players to begin the play by choosing their model out of the two options provided. After that, they take her body measurements, make markings on the cloth materials, and do the cuttings to fit the various sections of the dress. The players will then sew the cut clothing sections, join them together and then iron the fully made dress. After the dress-making bit is done, they give their model the best looks by dressing her up, wearing makeup, and then putting her on a show.

Make your fashion dress game gives players the opportunity to choose the dress to make, take body measurements, and match them on the provided list. The next step allows them to choose the color of the material to use and then cut it into different sizes to fit the selected dress model. In the next section, they sew the different cloth sections. The last task in the Fashion Studio Designer Game is to dress the model by placing the fully made cloth sections one by one on her.


  • Before putting the clothes together and ironing them, players match them into new colorful ensembles.
  • To determine the proper size for the clothes, they measure their client’s bodies.
  • Players decide on the type of clothing they wish to design.
  • Before cutting and stitching, gamer mark the correct measurements on the fabric.
  • They get a makeover and some bling to accessorize their new look.
  • They sew their various fabric scraps together to create each layer of clothing.

Do not let your love for fashion go unnoticed. Download this educative Fashion Studio Designer Game app and design a dress for your model to give her the best looks!

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