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Uphill Rush 9

What are Racing Games?

The adrenaline rush from playing racing games is a huge reason why this genre is popular. In this type of game, players control the vehicle, such as a race car, truck, or aircraft. The fast-paced race games are playable in different formats including PC, mobile, car simulation device, or console. Commonly, the objective is to cross the finish line and avoid any obstacles present.

To finish the race, the player must strategize to achieve the goal. These games are a test of reflex and quick thinking, especially since only one racer gets to take a win. In most titles, players can manipulate the vehicle’s steering, acceleration, and brakes. Mechanics can vary, but they are relatively easy to understand since race games have a simple conclusion: to win!

The earliest games in this genre were developed for the arcade platform. Classic cargames took inspiration from real-life competitions like NASCAR and Formula One. A lot of titles became a household name in the gaming industry, leading to the creation of various sub-genres today.

What are the types of racing games?

Players can have a virtual experience of real driving when they play racing games regardless of the theme and design. Over the years, this genre evolved into a diverse category with thousands of titles to explore. Here are some of the basic types that you can try under this genre!

Car games

Car games online or offline feature lifelike car racing for fans of Indianapolis 500, the Monaco Grand Prix, and more. Featuring various car models and tracks, these games require speed, strategy, and fast reflexes to win. The player must control the car seamlessly and drive at top velocity while also dealing with track conditions.

The most notable features of paid and free car games are the game controls and physics that mimic real life. Some of the most advanced gameplays consider other factors like suspension system and weight transfer that affect the player’s performance. For games that use circuit tracks, the complexity of the design adds thrill to the whole race.

Motorbike games

Racing games that utilize motorbikes appeal to aspiring racers who love this specific motorsport. These titles commonly feature the action and dynamics of competitions like MotoGP and Motocross. In these races, the participant must complete several laps and best other players to become the winner.

Awe-inspiring mechanics in motorsport contests are well-adapted in motorbike games, making them popular across the racing genre. Some titles allow customization of the vehicle and character, which creates another reason to love this type of game.

Bike games

If you love biking but the weather or other circumstances don’t let you, bike games are perfect to play. These games allow you to complete a cycling race through a PC, console, or mobile device. There are titles that also feature freestyle and stunt races, which are top trends in this sport. Bicycles have a special charm that attracts a broad range of enthusiasts from across the globe.

Cycling games can have varied game designs, especially in the environment. Some games have a road racing style, while others may follow a dirt path. Either way, the race is completed once players reach the finishing line, much like in the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia.

What are the best racing games for mobile?

Without further ado, here are exceptional titles that belong to this genre.

Need for Speed

Developed by EA, Need for Speed is a household name when it comes to car racing games. Players take the competition to the streets as they work on becoming the king of an underground race. In this game, you must improve your reputation by making upgrades to your vehicle and conquering different racetracks.

Download Need for Speed for App Store and Google Play

Asphalt 9: Legends

The nitro-powered Asphalt 9: Legends is a chart topper because of its breathtaking graphics and gameplay. There are hundreds of supercars to collect and roughly 200 tracks to explore. These elements exist in real-life, giving players the opportunity to become race car drivers. You can choose career events in solo mode or join live races to gain valuable rewards!

Download Asphalt 9: Legends for App Store and Google Play

Hill Climb Racing

At first glance, Hill Climb Racing is a cartoonish rendering of a racing game. However, it’s undoubtedly one of the best physics-based racing titles dominating the charts today. The protagonist, uphill racer Bill, navigates Climb Canyon while also defying the laws of science. With different vehicles to unlock and upgrade, there’s no boring day for avid players of this game.

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Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is a Nintendo classic adapted for modern-day devices. The challenge is to beat players from across the globe on a kart race by conquering the chaotic track. You can use powerups to improve vehicle performance and take advantage of the Frenzy mode. This game also lets you collect characters, display badges, and more!

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Moto X3M Bike Race Game

If you want an off-road biking experience, Moto X3M Bike Race Game is a fitting choice. This racing game enables you to create breathtaking stunts and tricks on the circuit. There are over 250 levels to complete, each featuring unique obstacles that will test your creativity and control. Overall, this game is a top contender among the best bike racing games to ever exist in the market.

Download Moto X3M Bike Race Game for App Store and Google Play

Real Car Driving: Race City 3D

The impressive art of Real Car Driving: Race City 3D is only one of the many reasons to applaud it. This title comes with plenty of features including physics accuracy, camera angle switching, and mini-game checkpoints. You can appreciate the car simulation thanks to the inclusion of traffic, which challenges the player’s skills further.

Download Real Car Driving: Race City 3D for App Store and Google Play

Bike Race: Motorcycle Games

You can enjoy Bike Race: Motorcycle Games in multiple ways such as single player training or tournament. Young aspiring motorcycle racers can use this app as a stepping stone to their dream. You can play offline or go online to race against international competitors from different parts of the world. The tracks are crazy, and the environment is a source of adrenaline-pumping entertainment in this game!

Download Bike Race: Motorcycle Games for Google Play

Race Master 3D – Car Racing

Drive as fast as you can in Race Master 3D – Car Racing and become a world-renowned race master. While there are only seven different locations, the configuration of every racetrack is unique and out-of-this-world. As such, there’s not one identical experience when you start a race. The game is fast-paced yet boasts intuitive controls that allow the player to gain speed within seconds.

Download Race Master 3D – Car Racing for App Store and Google Play

Beach Buggy Racing

Who says races can’t take place by the sea? Appreciate the view but keep your focus on the track in Beach Buggy Racing. This exciting kart racing game features six game modes and stunning 3D racetracks to complete. Players can customize their cars and collect powerups to gain a significant advantage over their enemies. Racers have unique abilities to boost the thrill, too!

Download Beach Buggy Racing for App Store and Google Play

Traffic Rider

The Traffic Rider is on a different level, being one of the racing games that offer lifelike graphics and controls. As the racer, you can start a full career mode with endless possibilities to explore. Your goal is to overtake traffic and upgrade your bike to get better scores and bonuses.

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