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This adrenaline-packed game is the perfect fit for players who want to experience the rush of the fast-food life! The kitchen is the place to be as players race with time to provide the fastest service in a burger joint. Flip burgers perfectly and complete every item on the order and rack up the tips!

Start from Day 1
Aspiring chefs can start their journey at the burger shop, where training cooks give them all to climb up the ranks. Learn the basics of making the tastiest burgers and hotdogs and get paid for following the order guide correctly. Players need to get the food combinations right and serve them before the timer runs out. This open-ended game is the definition of a real fast-food frenzy!

Cook and Rush
Progressing in the game entails completing the current level to advance to the next set of orders. It’s bound to get more exciting as customers key in more intricate dishes, and it’s up to the chef to fulfill them! There are plenty of ingredients and item combinations to create the most appetizing meals. It’s the ultimate game that tests the speed, accuracy, and affinity for cooking.

Easy Gameplay
Despite the action-packed levels, this game has straightforward drag-and-drop mechanics that people of all ages can enjoy. Drag the ingredients from the selection below and create the meal in seconds! Serve the final combo on a platter complete with sides and drinks to satisfy the customers.

  • Work from the ground up and become the master chef for a fancy restaurant.
  • Whip up the right orders and create new recipes using the ingredients available.
  • Drag and drop items to prepare the best food and drink combinations.
  • Time-limited mode to make the gameplay more thrilling.
  • Experience a fast-food frenzy in this game of speed and accuracy.

There’s nothing better than downloading Burger Shop fast food if you want to become the world’s burger making master!

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