Coloring Games

Mandala Coloring Book

What are Coloring Games?

In the past, coloring had to be done on paper and required a base drawing and coloring materials to start. It’s a very popular arts and crafts activity that prompted the creation of coloring games for digital devices. This development enables more people to discover or re-discover the fun in this classic activity beloved by many.

Color games are the virtual adaptation of the coloring book a favorite hobby of budding arts enthusiasts worldwide. Most people encounter coloring from young and some pick it up as their favorite hobby.

Aside from the creativity factor, this leisurely activity is a tool to fight off boredom and stress. Free coloring games allow you to spend your free time completing the objective. Typically, it entails fully coloring the entire image accurately. It’s a test of creativity as you choose attractive color combinations for each page.

As an art game, titles under this genre have varying elements and styles, making more options downloadable for players. These games can be further subdivided according to what age group they suit.


Coloring Games for Kids

Simple coloring pages games, often with a cartoonish vibe, are ideal for children. For instance, dinosaur coloring pages appeal to boys, while girls prefer fashion-related pages. The developer often uses images that are eye-catching for kids. These drawings could be superheroes, dolls, and other characters that can inspire them to finish their coloring work.

Although simple, coloring games for kids open a window of opportunity to test their art skills. For instance, themed pages can challenge the child’s ability to recall the correct colors of the character’s costume. It also sharpens the player’s visual sense as they try to imitate or improve the colors of the original image.

Online and printable coloring games can provide learnings for children, particularly in familiarizing themselves with the image. It can help develop the kid’s creative streak and teach them the importance of coloring within the lines. Also, coloring games deliver relaxing, stress-free gameplay for the player.


Color by Number Games and Mandala Games

The simplest concept of color by number games involves matching the numbered color with the designated area. You must paint in the correct color to bring the image to life. These painting games impart lessons for younger players such as identifying colors and numbers accurately. Matching these two elements adds another layer of challenge as well.

Some color by number games have added features like actual math problem-solving elements. There are other unique variations to this game, which makes it more exciting to play. Nevertheless, the basic version is always a popular choice for people of all ages.

Mandala games, on the other hand, utilize a coloring book featuring this specific art design. Mandala translates to 'circle' and refers to geometric patterns that represent important Buddhist concepts. The symbols are beautiful and breathtaking, which is why they are the usual subjects of coloring games.

Mandala colorings are a kind of art therapy and are delightful to complete. The complex design invites players to exercise their creativity. Some players also find stress relief when playing this game.


What are the best coloring games for mobile (phone and tablet)?

The choice of coloring games for free may vary from one person’s preference to another. Still, this type of game generally appeals to the artistic audience. Here are chart-topping titles that enable you to do coloring online and relax your worries away.

Coloring games – Drawing game

The selection of pictures in Coloring games – Drawing game features simple lines and adorable designs for younger players. There's a mix of animals, cars, and ponies to choose from and a color palette filled with vibrant colors.

Download Coloring games – Drawing game for App Store
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Happy Color: Coloring book

If you want to paint for a cause, Happy Color: Coloring Book is the perfect choice for you. This game partners with charities that support the environment and children. It also features popular brands like Disney and Marvel, enabling you to color images of top-billing superheroes and characters. With several game modes available, this app is a surefire hit for coloring game lovers.

Download Happy Color: Coloring Book for App Store and Google Play

My coloring pages book game

Children can spend hours on my coloring pages book game and still discover many things to love about it. For one, the coloring book is filled with a great range of drawings that are ready to color. Another reason is the selection of tools found on the side of the screen. There’s a way to fill in a large area or work on tiny details with the painting materials included!

Download My coloring pages book game for App Store

Colorfy: Coloring book game

Colorfy is one of the most popular coloring games for free in the market because of its stunning art. It provides great relaxation for players, letting them choose between mandalas, flowers, and other designs. There’s a great balance of simple and complex images that diversify the selection for artists.

Download Colorfy: Coloring Book Game for App Store and Google Play

Paint by Number: Coloring Game

Paint by Number: The coloring Game is not simply a painting game but also incorporates puzzle solving in it. This color by number for adults dedicates the artworks to artists from different parts of the world. It explains the assortment of breathtaking masterpieces in the collection.

Download Paint by Number: Coloring Game for App Store and Google Play

Pixel Art – Color by Number

The unique graphics of Pixel Art set it apart from other games in the same category. This title emphasizes the ease of completing the artwork by following the color by numbers format. It has a whopping 20,000-image catalog, with daily updates to ensure that players don't run out of pages to paint.

Download Pixel art - Color by number for App Store and Google Play

Coloring Games: Color & Paint

If there’s one word to describe Coloring Games: Color & Paint, it would be minimalist. The clean base photo depicts cute images that children can fill in with their favorite colors. This title has various minigames to offer, as well as lovely art tools that kids can easily master.

Download Coloring Games: Color & Paint for App Store and Google Play

Color by Number: Coloring Game

Color by Number: Coloring Game infuses pixel art into this coloring game. You will find the extremely detailed artwork impressive, which can be zoomed in or out for precise painting. This app promotes relaxation, giving users a chance to share the finished piece with the community this game built.

Download Color by Number: Coloring Game for App Store and Google Play

Colorscapes – Color by Number

If you want to paint online, Colorscapes – Color by Number is an excellent game to start with as a beginner. There’s no need to overthink the mechanics as players only need to match the color with the spot to point. The controls are smooth and intuitive, and the game allows notifications to get updates regarding new and popular artworks to discover.

Download Colorscapes – Color by Number for App Store and Google Play


Artists who are serious about their craft can turn to PaperColor to transform their imagination into digital art. The advanced tools in this game allow players to create life-like masterpieces that boast visual appeal. Artists can include a handwritten signature as a watermark, making the artwork undoubtedly their own.

Download PaperColor for Google Play


Key takeaway

Becoming an artist in the virtual world is now made possible by the best coloring games. Whether you are a budding painter or a coloring hobbyist, these gaming titles are the best downloadable apps for you to explore!