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The Coloring Games – Drawing Game will have you enjoying your free time while tapping into your creative side. Once you open the game, you will find a variety of colors you can use to create masterpieces. You will first choose from a grouping of three different games that include car coloring, horse and pony images.

After choosing the pictures you want to create a masterpiece with, you will move on to find the right colors to fill the blank canvas with. You will get reds, blues, pinks and any other colour you can conjure as you can mix and match the available colors giving you the opportunity to create awesome paintings. The variety of pictures you can choose from will enable you to create a showpiece that you can be proud of. It does not matter if it’s that of a girl running or a seahorse, the final result will amaze you.

You cannot even begin to appreciate the game mechanics in this feature game as it is designed to be simple. The user interface alone will allow you to choose images and paintings without much hustle. You will begin by choosing an image from the wide selection available, pick a brush and off you go with the brush strokes and on your way to a unique painting.

In summary, you will find the following features in the game:

  • You will get three subgames inside a single game
  • The ability to choose an image from a wide selection of pictures
  • The ability to mix and match the colors available in the game
  • Show off your unique creations to your friends and family
  • A friendly user interface that makes it easy to play the game

The features in Coloring Games – Drawing Game will get you painting your way to the top of the leaderboard.

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