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What are Puzzle Games?

Over the years, games developed from simple formats to more complex, mind-boggling layouts. Puzzle games are among the most challenging yet fun genres in today’s market, attracting a horde of fans. It is a broad classification of titles that can have a variety of mechanics, graphics, and progression. Nevertheless, they all have some elements in common: logic and analysis.

The primary activity of a puzzled game is problem-solving, banking on the player’s ability to find the best solution. A lot of titles incorporate this genre into the mechanics, often combining it with other playing styles. The introduction of puzzles enhances playability and increases the excitement of the gameplay. AS such, it is one of the widely used elements in many titles available today.

Puzzle solving games test a player’s skills, particularly in completing the objectives. Typically, the game follows a pattern—finishing a puzzle allows you to continue to the next level. The succeeding puzzles progressively become difficult but will usually drop better rewards.

What are puzzle games by types?

Like other genres, a gaming puzzle has several sub-genres that differentiate every title within this format. You can find detailed descriptions of these types and corresponding games that represent each category.

Logic puzzle

Logic-based puzzle games require exact thinking and deductive reasoning to complete. Derived from mathematical concepts, this game type does not necessarily contain any numerical element. Nevertheless, it largely involves strategy to either recognize a pattern or understand a process. Games that feature abstract reasoning can fall under this category.

Logic puzzles may have more than one solution, which players need to figure out through deduction. In general, there are no open-ended gameplays in this sub-genre. Therefore, you must come up with an effective strategy to solve the puzzle and progress to the next level.

Sudoku – Classic

Brain games like Sudoku—Classic is a well-loved puzzle game that found its way to digital platforms. The player must complete the tile by filling in the missing numbers from 1-9. The trick is to not repeat the numbers in the row or column, as well as each 3x3 box within the grid.

Download Sudoku—Classic for App Store and Google Play

Lumosity: Brain Training

Memory and reasoning are skills that you can harness in Luminosity: Brain Training. This game enables the player to work out cognitive abilities including logic and problem-solving. It’s a great app that offers a curated set of challenges fit for every user’s personal needs and preferences.

Download Luminosity: Brain Training for App Store and Google Play

Word puzzle

There is more to amusement that makes world puzzle games a hit among young and old players alike. These titles allow you to sharpen your mind and broaden your vocabulary. In these games, the player must guess the word based on clues. In some titles, the objective is to find the word within a set of random letters.

Online puzzle games that solve word problems are recommendable for school children. Young players can practice their language capabilities, enabling them to easily access the skills throughout their school life. They can develop valuable competencies such as spelling, grammar, verbal reasoning, and more with the help of these games.

Word Search—Word Puzzle Game

Cross of all the words on the list in Word Search—World Puzzle Game. The objective is to hunt for words within the puzzle, which changes for every level. You can unlock different themes and backgrounds and choose a multiplayer option to up the ante. Plus, there are ten languages available to play!

Download Word Search—World Puzzle Game for App Store and Google Play


Wordscapes is one of the word puzzle games that have something new in store daily. It’s a way to enrich one’s vocabulary while also basking in the relaxing game design. The background displays some of the world’s most beautiful sceneries in the world.

Download Wordscapes for App Store and Google Play

Number puzzle

A free puzzle game that makes use of mathematical equations appeals to a specific niche of players. Number puzzle enthusiasts treat this sub-genre as food for the brain, exercising the mind along the way. A lot of brain functions are tested in this type of game, including logical reasoning, memory, and numeracy skills.

Engaging number puzzles are suitable for children and older people who want to sharpen their minds. Some researchers believe that this type of game can keep a person’s mental skills in shape. For younger players, these titles can cultivate their love for math while also enhancing their number sense and fluency.

Numpuz: Number Puzzle Games

Numpuz is worth appreciating for its straightforward mechanics and no-fuss graphics. You must slide the tiles to rearrange the numbers chronologically. It’s a great combination of easy controls and difficult to master levels that enhances your number sense effectively.

Download Numpuz: Number Puzzle Games for Google Play


Do you remember the classic 2048 classic game? 2248 is a great example of a puzzled game that entails strategy and simple math functions. Players need to merge identical numbers that will result in a higher number. The game is completed once you manage to reach a sum of 2248 on the board.

Download 2248 for Apple Store

Physics puzzle

Physics-based puzzle games feature gamified challenges that follow (or defy) scientific concepts like motion and gravity. These games simulate real-life movement and behavior of objects including friction and collisions. Titles that explore physical phenomena and implement them in the game design can fall under this category.

Video games that rely heavily on physics can program a string of events based on the player’s choices. There’s a consequence to every action, which can affect the outcomes of the puzzle.

Angry Birds

The Angry Birds game holds on to the premise that the birds need to destroy the enemy’s fortress. As such, the birds need to find the right angle and power to launch their powered kin and topple obstacles. You must strategize well to finish a level within a few tries.

Download Angry Birds for App Store and Google Play

Cut the Rope

A leading free puzzle game, Cut the Rope aims to feed Om Nom by cutting ropes the right way. The strings suspend candies and snipping them helps you drop the candy to the cuddly monster’s mouth. Each completed level unlocks a new, challenging puzzle to solve.

Download Cut the Rope for App Store and Google Play

Matching puzzles

Tile-matching online puzzle games rarely demand plenty of logical processing, making them one of the stress-free genres out there. In this category, the player must identify the pattern and manipulate the tiles on the board. At its core, a casual matching game aims to eliminate tiles as in classic games like Solitaire and Mahjong.

Modern matching puzzles often match up at least three tiles with an identical color, design, or pattern. For this reason, the most common term for this type of game is the match-three puzzle. Usually, the graphics of this game type lean on bright and cheery, creating a more positive impact for the player.

Candy Crush

Millions of players acknowledge Candy Crush as the representative of puzzle games. This match-3 puzzle is a popular game wherein you must match the tiles and create combos to complete the objectives. There’s a limit to the number of moves you can make, so ensure that you strategize your way to a win!

Download Candy Crush for App Store and Google Play


Greenscapes is a match-3 puzzle type that rewards players with items to build the character’s dream garden. It also features an engaging storyline that you can’t help but follow along. This title allows social media linking so that you can become neighbors with friends who play this game.

Download Greenscapes for App Store and Google Play

Hidden object puzzle

Hidden object puzzle games challenge players to find certain items within a picture or scene. These objects are not easy to spot and often relevant to the game theme such as romance, crime, or mystery. Items found can be added to your inventory and may provide a clue to the main task of the game.

These video games can have an engaging plot that sets the overall tone of the scenario. For example, a crime thriller may task players to find pieces of evidence in the surroundings. Some titles follow the ‘Where’s Waldo?’ format. In this game design, you must point out the unique item within a sea of identical objects.

June’s Journey: Hidden Objects

Set in the 1920s, June’s Journey: Hidden Objects is a game for keen-eyed players. You can solve the mystery by spotting the difference between similar images and uncovering hidden clues.

Download June’s Journey: Hidden Objects for App Store and Google Play

Hidden City: Hidden Object

The elaborate graphics of Hidden City: Hidden Object are already a challenge for players. Only the best at finding hidden items can rescue the friend who went missing at the beginning of the story.

Download Hidden City: Hidden Object for App Store and Google Play

Escape room puzzle

As a sub-genre of point-and-click games, escape room puzzles allow you to interact with objects in the in-game environment. These titles challenge the player to think outside the box and escape imprisonment before the timer runs out. This category is based on physical escape rooms that provide hints within the interface.

Players must manipulate the elements inside the room to get closer to escape. There are riddles to solve while also attempting to overcome obstacles such as locked doors or items. Several titles offer cooperative gameplay, enabling you to enjoy a fun round with friends.

Adventure Escape Mysteries

A top-charting game, Adventure Escape Mysteries offers unique puzzles that help solve the murder mystery in the story. Your choices can affect how the game unfolds!

Download Adventure Escape Mysteries for App Store and Google Play

Tiny Room Story: Town Mystery

Become a private detective in Tiny Room Story: Town Mystery and help resolve the city’s eerie surroundings.

Download Tiny Room Story: Town Mystery for App Store and Google Play