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What Are Decoration Games?

Redesigning a space even in the virtual world is thrilling, and that’s why decoration games exist today. Aspiring interior designers and stylists can have a good time playing this type of game. They can fill up an empty room and move furniture around to their heart’s content. They can make spaces cohesive and apply themes, creating a brand-new look for the area.

Design games continue to appear in various charts and lists, making them a sought-after concept in the market. Virtual design apps are all the rave because they appeal to people of all ages. Everyone from young kids to adults can find a suitable game that sparks their creativity.

What attracts players to this type of app is the freedom they can enjoy when running room decoration games. In most formats, users can arrange and rearrange the setting as many times as they want. There’s no limit to what colors, materials, and overall aesthetic are applied so long as it satisfies the decorator.

Some decorating games involve sprucing up a room or house like the home decoration game, but it does not stop there. There are gameplays that allow players to decorate characters, pets, and even fixtures within the game. Developers continue to create variations of this genre, making it a diverse group of apps that entertain and stimulate innovation.

Puzzle-Linked Decoration Games

The goal of house decorating games is to design a virtual home, but there are many ways to achieve it. For instance, designing apps that incorporate a puzzle sub-genre is a two-in-one treat. Users need to solve a puzzle to earn points, which they can use to unlock areas. In some cases, they can exchange the points for decorative items.

What makes this type of game worth trying is the combination of entertainment and brain exercise it provides. Players must complete the puzzle task before proceeding to the next objective. In this aspect, the format is both fun and functional. It's why this kind of design game is a great option for young players. Nevertheless, older users who love problem-solving games can make use of this app, too.

Best puzzle-linked decoration game

  • Gardenscapes. Players focus on restoring an enchanted garden by solving match-3 puzzles and beating the levels. They advance in the storyline, consequently improving the garden aesthetic.
  • Homescapes. Like Gardenscapes, this game features vibrantly colored puzzle tiles that users need to swap and match. It includes power-ups, which can be utilized to restore a grand mansion.

Design Competition Games

Players who seek more excitement can gain recognition for their creative works through design competition games. As the name suggests, these applications enable the user to create a look for the bare space. Typically, the player must follow the brief and choose the elements that will elevate the appearance of the room.

The participants will then submit their finalized design and wait for the result after a few days. In most cases, fellow players are the ones to vote and rate the entries. Players may also get points for using featured elements like furniture or decorative items. These games incorporate a leaderboard system, and those at the top can claim rewards thereafter.

Competing for rank and prizes is a great incentive that makes this type of game popular. It’s a way to validate a person’s skills in interior and outdoor design. For these reasons, room decoration games of this kind always make an appearance on various gaming charts.

Best design competition game

  • Design Home. A premier example of decorating games, Design Home includes real-life fixtures and brands. Players must submit a customized design following the floor plan, and the best entry gets rewarded with in-game diamonds.

Life Simulation Games

Another type of game suitable for aspiring designers is the life simulation genre. These apps usually do not assign decoration as the exclusive goal—they mostly include more holistic gameplay. The central theme of these decoration games is creating a character and building their story. Designing the home is commonly one of the major arcs the protagonist must complete.

The playthrough goes over different life scenarios in this game. In this aspect, life simulation apps allow a player to experience virtual reality and create an avatar in it. They can select looks and traits to their likeness, as well as decorate an abode that suits their in-game lifestyle.

Gamers can spend hours in life simulation games because it enables them to explore a vast world. There are plenty of tasks to fulfill, making it a great way to spend your free time. These room decoration games are usually not time-bound. There's no stress in transforming the space into a visually appealing home!

Best Life Simulation Games

  • The Sims. This classic title has released several versions over the years, but the design is still one of its major elements. Players give life to their avatar and build a home, which they can improve over time.
  • Animal Crossing. Users get to play the human character in Animal Crossing, who gets to live with the local animals. Set in a rural village, the player takes on jobs to upgrade their home or pay debts for every house improvement they make.

Time Management Decoration Games

In time management decorating games, players need to complete a design task within the time limit. It’s a recurring theme in other game genres that offer plenty of thrill and adrenaline. A lot of gamers prefer these apps because it feels rewarding to reach the objectives at a given period. It increases focus, enabling players to sharpen their concentration skills.

With time management house decoration games, allocating resources efficiently is key. Users are expected to decorate the space with whatever is available and express their creativity while they’re at it. The time constraint factor also enhances the player’s ability to strategize and win the game.

Best time management decoration games

  • Home Design Makeover. Designers are tasked to remodel several areas of the home by solving match-3 puzzles. There are boosters available to help the player overcome obstacles and complete the renovation in time.

Progressive Building and Decorating Games

Like a wonderful rags-to-riches story, progressive design games start from the most basic of buildings. These fixer-uppers become the foundation by which a player builds a town or farm. Players level up by performing recommended activities and reaching each objective. With each progress, the gamer can add more structures and eventually fill up the town.

In this type of game, design and decoration is part of the process of establishing the town or farm. As the community grows, the player needs to maximize the available space to accommodate more facilities. Ultimately, the gameplay relies on the designer’s creativity and strategy in progressive building.

Best progressive building and decorating games

  • Hay Day. A farming simulator, Hay Day enables the player to build a farm by raising animals and planting trees. They can harvest their produce and sell it to make money to expand and improve the area.
  • Township. This casual city-building game is a multi-platform application, with the objective of growing a community by expanding the population. To do so, players need to put up buildings and create factories and farms to increase the town’s income.

Sandbox Decoration Games

One of the most popular design-themed apps today is sandbox decoration games. They feature an open virtual world where players are free to build and expand their houses. What makes it more enticing is that it's possible to improve the surrounding environment, too. Gamers love to innovate homes by incorporating unique structures that beautify or keep the area safe.

While freedom is a huge element in this type of game, there are limits like in all other games, too. Only the available resources in the game world are to be utilized for construction. Players typically mine these materials and keep them in the inventory until they need them for their next building project.

Best sandbox decoration games

  • Minecraft. In Minecraft, the gameplay is defined by the manipulation of the game world, which consists of blocks. Players can add or destroy different types of blocks and build a structure from them. This virtual sandbox is beloved for its open-ended mode and strong community, allowing users to build friendships within the platform.

Role-Playing Decoration Games

Role play is another huge hit in the gaming community because it enables players to create a persona for themselves. They usually take on a professional role in the design industry, with the objective of fulfilling the job description. The goal is to meet the decoration challenges without failure.

Most role-playing decorating games assign the player to a specific career. They can become an interior designer, fashion stylist, or event coordinator who needs to satisfy the client’s requirements. It’s a game that tests the creative and management skills of the player.

Best role-playing decoration games

  • Covet Fashion. Fashionistas get to dress up their model in Covet Fashion. The player can tweak the model's look and style by using different clothing brands and makeup. They can also select a hairstyle that will enhance their overall appearance. This game includes 'Style Challenges' that rank the best fashion stylists and grant in-game rewards for their wins.


Which decoration games are currently leading the charts on mobile and tablet platforms?

Chart topping room decoration games enjoy many downloads on the daily. Here are some of the leading titles that are worth trying out today!


Redecor is a home design game created by Reworks Ltd., with millions of downloads and outstanding reviews. Users need to complete design challenges and submit their design entries for voting. Winners of the poll get rewarded with coins, which enable the player to purchase items to design remarkable styles.

This design competition game has several features that make it a scene stealer. It offers a season pass, which allows the player to redesign a challenge, giving them more chances of winning.

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Design Home

Every aspiring interior decorator likely has the Design Home app on their tablet or smartphone. It boasts an immersive gameplay that lets players mix and match using real-world furniture brands. They can select from budget-friendly to luxury items that will establish the attention-grabbing aesthetic of the space.

Every challenge involves designing a different room, helping to create a new experience for users each time. They can also compete with other players around the globe, making it a truly interesting game for would-be designers. It’s an enjoyable app that enables users to work with modern décor brands that can become a style inspiration.

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The Homescapes gameplay is mainly a match three puzzle decoration game. It features boosters that increase the chances of winning the game. Rewards can be used to buy resources required for home decoration and renovation. There is also a story progression, with Austin and his family being one of the main characters.

Homescapes is one of the decoration games that offer two-in-one entertainment. The puzzle and design elements are a suitable combination for creative players who love problem-solving at the same time.

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Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing has a basic concept that treats players with relaxing gameplay. Nevertheless, it's a certified chart topper and a lot of people love to play it regardless of age. It offers a comforting experience while encouraging players to let their creative imagination run free. Users create virtual lives in a village, cohabitating with the animal residents.

In this game, users can design and expand the house and help build the community. It’s easy to get lost in customizing the environment for hours in this game. Each day is filled with daily chores to tick off and things to hunt!

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The Sims Mobile

It’s trickier to find a top decoration games list without The Sims Mobile included. This game is a classic, with a life simulation theme wherein players can fill the role of a self-created character. Adapting this title to the mobile platform allowed the developer Electronic Arts (EA) to reach a broader audience. The excellent ratings and several million reviews are a testament to the worldwide appeal of this game.

The Sims is one of the house decoration games that grants players the freedom to express their style. From the number of rooms to furniture and even the outdoor section, designers have plenty of decorating to do!

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