Top 10 puppy games for iOS

Top 10 puppy games for iOS

Spending time with your furry friends is the most rewarding experience in life, if you are a dog lover. But have you ever thought that in the digital world, you can also have the same experience? That’s where Puppy games for iOS make difference. You can adopt, feed, and wash the virtual puppy and test your skills as a veterinarian. These games have always something to offer to everyone who loves puppies.

These games have enticing graphics, engaging interfaces, and gameplay, and come with plenty of challenges to complete. It’s a really joyful experience to play these games and to spend your free time. So if you have buckled up to experience the joys of ownership of a puppy without having responsibilities of the real world, just pick up your iPhone, or iPad and download these top 10 puppy games for iOS.

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1. Puppy games & kitty game salon

If you’re a pet lover, nothing says “I love you” to your furry companion quite like giving them a good makeover. You can just do that with Puppy and Kitty Salon game. You can select your pet to love and care for. Moreover, you can customize your puppy with a brand-new outfit. You have two options, you can either go for a cute kitten or a playful puppy.

As the first step, you need to clear up the mess made by your naughty pet. Then you can wash, dry, and brush your pet to make it clean and nice. You can brush the puppy’s teeth and cut his nails. After cleaning your pet, you can feed and water it before giving them a lot of affection. Obviously, no makeover is complete without a new outfit. The puppy and Kitty Salon game gives you the option to accessorize your pet in the nicest clothes. 

2. Caring for puppy salon games

If you are looking for some puppy pampering, this free iOS game is made for you and anyone who has some extra love and attention to give their virtual furry friend. In the Caring for puppy salon game, you need to start by taking your puppy to the salon where you can shower your pet to make it presentable and clean.

In case of any wounds, your furry friend has, you can heal them up and cut his nails. After making your puppy better, you can also offer some delicious food and can make your doggy makeover by offering some accessories which will make your puppy look good. With just a little bit of love, the bad day of your puppy can be turned into a fantastic one with this Caring for puppy salon game. So, there is no point in waiting, just grab your iPhone and download this game to have an amazing virtual experience. 

3. Pet Doctor Animal Caring Game

Pet Doctor Animal Caring Game is designed to offer a fun and interactive interface for players who love pets and want to act like a veterinarian. While playing this game, you can take care of various pets by healing and nursing them back to life. In this game, you can also choose your own pet from a puppy, kitten, or bunny.

The caring process can be carried out after the selection and you can clean them, and prepare their wounds for first aid and nursing. This game also provides an option to check a pet’s body temperature, and you can give them medication and vaccination. Moreover, like other games, you can also create a unique look for your pet with accessory and clothing options. The engaging gameplay is sure to provide hours of entertainment for all. 

4. Pet care center – Animal games

Unlike other pet games, Pet care center is a fantastic app that allows you to take care of your furry friends, no matter if they are dogs or cats. You can pay full heed to your pets and keep them satisfied with this game. The great feature of this game is that clients, who have some issues with their pets, will come to your doorstep and you can keep those pets.

You can put them on Kennel and play with them. You will also have the responsibility of feeding, bathing, and petting them. Once you are taken care of the pets of clients, owners will pick up their healthy pets. This shows that owners are happy with their work and love pets. Overall, with a fantastic interface and experience, Pet Care Center game is a great way to take care of your pet to make them healthy and happy.

5. My Puppy Friend

My Puppy Friend is also a fantastic game for those who love pets, and featuring six cute puppies will melt your heart. In this game, there is a wide range of activities that can be done with your puppy friends, from feeding to washing them. Another fantastic feature of this game is that you can collect loving hearts to open the Show where you may get decorations. A heart would be awarded to you every time you complete a mini-game.

You can join the Show and win decorations with three hearts. Moreover, you can also earn coins and offer those coins for nice items. This game has amazing scenes and you have an opportunity to play with your pets in such amazing scenes. You also have plenty of activities like parkour and seeking out the bones. 

6. Puppy’s Caring Pet Veterinary

In Puppy’s First Caring, you will enjoy the role of puppy owner tasked with caring after a long day of play. There is a lot of dirt and will need to give him proper grooming. You will bring your pup to the saloon, where you will be given some animal games to get him looking his best. You will start by dealing with all specks of dust, leaves, and twigs from the fur of the puppy. Then you will have to give him proper treatment to make his coat shiny.

There are also options for shampooing, brushing, and washing. With your progress in the game, new accessories will be unlocked which can be used to customize the appearance of your puppy. This game comes with fun gameplay and adorable graphics and provides hours of entertainment whether you are a seasoned pet owner, kid, or just looking for pets.

7. Dog Town: Pet & Animal Games

Dog Town is the ultimate virtual pet simulator for you where you will embark on a journey through a storyline full of unique puppy breeds. Your mission will be to make up your own virtual Dog Town by breeding and collecting dogs. You will also have an option to train them, sending them on quests and funny adventures for amazing rewards. There is a new training feature that allows you to teach your dogs lots of tricks.

The amazing feature of this game is that you can also use your voice to give commands. You will take care of your puppies by washing and feeding them. In Dog Town, more than 100 dog breeds can be collected by you like Basset Hounds, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Springer Spaniels, and many more. Are you ready for building an ultimate virtual dog town? Just download the game and start.

8. My Baby Pet Salon Makeover

My Baby Pet Salon Makeover is the most famous game with more than 3 million downloads. The game features various pets like zoo animals, pony unicorns, and puppies. Other than puppies, this game also has penguins and baby monkeys.

In this game, you can feed, care and play with your pets along with giving them makeovers at the salon. There are 40 levels in this game and each level is featured different pets and activities. You can play the first 18 levels for free, but other levels must be purchased. These levels come up with tasks like cleaning up and playing with puppies and taking them to parks. 

9. Pet hospital doctor

In the Pet Hospital Doctor game, you will have an opportunity to help sick animals and make them healthy. You can select your first patient puppy and start the diagnosing and healing process. You will have to remove thorns, and lice and apply creams to wounds. Moreover, you can also check the body temperature of the puppy, swab the sores and provide further medications.

To make them happy and healthy, you can brush them, and place bandages over the sores. Once they are recovered, you can dress them up in a saloon. This game provides you with a rewarding experience as you are helping animals. So try making pets happy and healthy at this Pet Hospital Doctor game today. 

10. Pet Run – Puppy Dog Run Game

Pet Run is an amazing running game that provides you with a fun and fantastic running adventure with your favorite pet or puppy. You can choose from a variety of cute puppies, kittens, and rabbits and you can help Lucky the Labrador, Ginger the Cat, and their friends rush through the city streets and park paths. You will have to train your puppy by playing with them.

You can run and slide or leap your way across different areas including but not limited to suburbs, forests, and parks. You will have to dodge hurdles and collect coins to upgrade your level. You can also earn boosters and power-ups. Furthermore, you can also activate the option of the rainbow to enhance your experience of gaming. This game comes with colorful and wonderful HD graphics having a stunning gaming interface. Pet Run is an addictive game that lets you experience the joys of running with your pet.