Cooking Games with Sara

Sara’s Cooking Class was an extremely popular Flash game in the early 2000s. It had over 50 million users, who enjoyed the experience of learning how to cook in a virtual kitchen under the instruction of a chef named Sara. The game was designed primarily for tween girls, but it is simple enough for even younger children to play, and also interesting and addicting enough for adults to play as well.

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A Brief Story about Sara Cooking Games Series

Sara’s Cooking Class was an extremely popular Flash game in the early 2000s. It had over 50 million users, who enjoyed the experience of learning how to cook in a virtual kitchen under the instruction of a chef named Sara. The game was designed primarily for girls aged 8 to 12 years old, also known as tweens. However, the game is actually simple enough for even younger children to play. At the same time, it is also interesting and addicting enough for adults to enjoy.

The game series was launched by, which later became Spil Games. Because of the immensely positive reception of the target market, the game quickly began to expand soon after its launch. Since players did not take long to really get into the virtual kitchen experience with Sara, cooking class new editions were soon released. Some of the first installments that eventually came out were Sara’s Cooking Class: Red Velvet Cake, Sara’s Cooking Class: Tiramisu, Sara’s Cooking Class: Chocolate Cupcake, and more than a dozen other titles.

In each new installment, Sara teaches players a new delicious recipe from a different part of the world. The recipes used are real as well, so if you follow the instructions in real life, you can actually create a sumptuous meal.

Why Sara’s Cooking Games Was So Popular ?

Sara’s Cooking Games definitely had a strong appeal to its target market but its popularity extended to other demographics as well. Players who are both younger and older than the tween girl market took an interest in the games. So why was it so popular?

For starters, the game was very easy to understand and easy to play. It also has an addictive factor as well. When a player successfully completes one recipe, there is a sense of accomplishment that makes you want to do another recipe right away.

Sara’s Cooking Class is definitely educational, which is why parents didn’t think twice about buying the game for their kids. It teaches kids to follow instructions, prodding them along with cues and a helping hand if they need it. At the same time, it also encourages them to exercise creativity and inventiveness if they choose to do their own take on the recipes. The games are also a fun way of introducing children to international cuisine, and teaching them to create the delectable dishes themselves.

How Can I Play Sara’s Cooking Games Series Now?

Many of those who have enjoyed playing the original browser version of Sara Cooking Games before are now adults, maybe with young kids of their own. You might find yourself wanting to play the games again, or introduce it to your little one. Unfortunately, Flash games have all been discontinued so you will not be able to play it anymore, at least not the way you did back then.

There is a way to play Sara’s Cooking Games series now, though. In fact, there are three ways. We have found three mobile versions of the game that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet.

1. Sara’s Cooking Class Lite

This mobile app was created by SPIL GAMES, the developers of the original hit game for the browser. It was released in 2012, back when the Flash game was still available on most browsers. This version stays true to many of the features of the desktop version of the game. Following Sara’s expert instructions, you must prepare an array of mouth-watering dishes, making sure you perform well each time so that you can eventually earn the coveted three stars.

All the content in the game is kid-friendly so parents can leave their kids to have educational fun in the virtual kitchen even without supervision. The game is free to download and there are no annoying 3rd party ads either. The graphics are crisp and colorful, and the interface of the game promotes curiosity, motor coordination and imagination for young children. An interesting feature of the game is that Sara has truly gone international – she can speak 11 languages including English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, German and more.

The lite version of the game includes limited recipes, ingredients and tools. You can unlock the complete arsenal of Sara’s kitchen by opting for the full version of the game, which features plenty of delicious recipes and an array of mouth-watering ingredients.

Where to download: Amazon Store

2. Sara’s Cooking Party

This version of the well-loved cooking games series by SPIL GAMES comes from Azerion Casual, which gives its own twist to the classic cooking with Sara game. It has a few ads and also comes with in-app purchases. This time around, it is truly a party as you get to prepare a lineup of new recipes, while honing your cooking skills, and learning about cuisines from around the world all at the same time. But before you begin, you will first create your own avatar which you can dress up in your best cooking outfit. Sara herself sports a new, much more laidback look.

In her kitchen, Sara takes you step by step through the recipe, teaching you how to do basic cooking skills like chopping, slicing, grating, and so on. Whether it’s Sara baking a delightful cake or preparing a savory dish, make sure you do everything perfectly so you can earn perfect stars.

But the real party is when you host a fabulous dinner after preparing all the food yourself. You can choose from a basic party, a birthday party, and a host of other exciting and delectable themes to choose from. Just like with the cooking, Sara will help you throw the best dinner for your guests, from setting the table to seating your guests. The better you do, the more your guests will enjoy your party. This will earn you enough points to get to the next level, and on to more cooking parties.

Where to download: Google Play Store 

3. Cook & Match: Sara’s Adventure

Also from Azerion Casual, Cook & Match is quite different from the original games like Sara cooking class and its early versions. This time, the manufacturers have capitalized on the highly addictive and enjoyable genre of matching games. You will have to complete puzzles where the objective is to match at least three similar tiles in various forms until you achieve the level’s goal. With each match you make, the tiles disappear from the board and the remaining tiles fall into the empty space. Special tile combinations will create power-ups that will obliterate more tiles, propelling you much closer to success.

In line with the cooking theme, the tiles are actually fun and colorful ingredients like cheese, meat, fish, beets, and so on. As you advance to higher levels, more new tiles will show up on the board, which also makes the challenges more difficult. And even if the main game is focused on matching, the cooking storyline is still present, of course.

The background is that Sara had helped her friend Veronica host a dinner party. This sparked a new passion in Sara, who goes on a much bigger quest, traveling the world and opening restaurants in different countries. With each puzzle you finish, Sara’s global adventure slowly unfolds. As you go past each level, you are helping Sara fulfill her dream of being an international restaurateur, while you also learn more about the world’s cuisine at the same time!

Where to download: Google Play Store


Sara’s Cooking games continue to endear players of all ages and preferences because of their engaging story and gameplay. The developers created a world packed with adventure and interesting characters, as well as culinary experiences for every gamer. Sara’s games are a collection to discover for those who haven’t tried them yet!