Best VR Cooking Games

Who knew culinary skills and games could go so well together? There’s a rich selection of the best VR cooking games designed for the diverse gaming community. These titles offer an immersive experience, transporting players to an interactive, gastronomic world. This ultimate guide is a good start to learn everything you must know about this genre!

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What are VR cooking games?

Games in the modern era do more than provide entertainment to gamers. Nowadays, cooking games can become a tool for kids and adults alike. Some people play games during their time away, especially during quick breaks and downtimes. However, the real value of cooking games lies in the educational value they provide to the player.

Free VR cooking games refer to the type of games with a culinary theme melded into the gameplay. Generally, they contain elements found in regular cooking games and may include mechanics like puzzles, time management, and more. This genre takes it up a notch by introducing a high-technology feature into the mix: virtual reality or VR.

A VR game simulates the different processes that typically occur in the kitchen. In general, these activities could be preparing ingredients, the actual cooking procedure to serve up the dish. The lifelike simulation of these events allows the player to interact with the elements within the game. That means they can control the tools and perform functions that chefs usually do in the kitchen.

That said, any cooking VR game may focus not only on hand interactions, but other qualities that players should possess. For example, they may collect points for speed and precision when completing tasks. Special conditions like timers and resource allocation can be added to up the challenge for avid gamers of this genre.

The best VR cooking games get much love for the relaxing gameplay. Most people continue to play this type of game because they have a definite structure and a stress-free environment. Still, cooking in virtual reality comes with unique challenges that can fire up any culinary enthusiast.

Considering these features, cooking VRs are a niche that anyone can jump into regardless of skill or knowledge. Gamers who love different cuisines and culinary work can look forward to this genre’s highly rewarding gameplay. These games may also spark the interest of people who don’t know much about cooking.

Cooking games in the VR version provide the visual pressure of preparing dishes and operating unique equipment. It becomes a vital learning experience as players discover how to work modern kitchen gadgets. Some games teach recipes from different parts of the world, offering a glimpse into the joy and art of cooking.

What are the best VR cooking games?

Would you like to work in the kitchen without having to worry about the mess in the end? VR cooking games are the key to achieving this feat!

Here are some of the most popular titles in this niche today.

Clash of Chefs VR

Cooking video games have been around for decades, but virtual reality adaptations are a delightful change of scenery. Clash of Chefs VR is one such chart-topping example that features single-player and multiplayer options. In this cooking VR game, you must prepare the requested meal as quickly and accurately as possible.

What’s commendable about this title is the logical layout for the kitchen, with almost everything you need within reach. The complexity of orders increases as you level up, and you can choose between various international cuisines. For multiplayer mode, you can race with another chef and use distraction tactics to gain an advantage.

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The cooperative four-person campaign of Cook-Out takes players into the chaotic yet fun world of this game. Its main objective is considerably simple, which is to serve up the right dish and avoid making customers wait. However, the stress can quickly escalate as the team struggles to assemble orders within the allotted time.

This title is one of the Oculus Quest 2 cooking games that preserves a decent level of comfort for players. You can adjust the workspace to your liking and it is largely stationary in terms of physical movement.

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Cooking Simulator VR

People who are on the fence about VR games can select Cooking Simulator VR as their first game. It has a straightforward yet engaging gameplay loop that beginners will have no problem picking up. With a simple, interactive concept, players can learn basic kitchen techniques at their leisure in sandbox mode. If you prefer a more challenging setup, career mode is perfect for you.

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Counter Fight ICHIRAN

Counter Fight ICHIRAN is a VR simulator game following a ramen shop theme. While it’s only available in single-player mode, there’s no shortage of fun and learning in this game. You become an employee at Ichiran mastering the art of making ramen. Fun fact: this restaurant exists in real life and has been around since the 1960s!

The best VR cooking games often prioritize speed and accuracy. In Counter Fight, players also get judged based on the presentation of their dishes.

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Lost Recipes

The almost meditative quality of Lost Recipes gives gamers an opportunity to perform kitchen duties without pressure. The slow-paced gameplay allows you to focus on following recipes and cooking them to perfection. This simulation cooking VR game has all the elements you would expect for the genre. It gives players the chance to explore and whip up nine recipes from different cuisines, upping its educational value.

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Planet Pizza

Pizza delivery in space is the virtual reality in Planet Pizza. In this game, players must assemble the pizza according to the customer’s order. Then, they should deliver it in the fastest time—otherwise, the customer could get angry and cause the player to lose. The sci-fi arc of this title satisfies gamers who want to experience flying a spaceship, at least in VR.

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The Cooking Game VR

Fast food chains are some of the most visited places in real life, and they’re perfectly captured in games, too. The Cooking Game VR is a competition between chefs whose goal is to feed hungry customers. You can play versus another player or attempt to top the leaderboards on your own in a single-player match. Either way, the trick is to perform your best to become the best cook in this virtual world!

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Rags to Dishes

Rags to Dishes sets itself apart from other VR cooking games by incorporating a medieval motif into the game environment. Players travel through time to become cooks for peasants with the dream of becoming a chef at the royal court. True to its title, the game tells the story of the players’ humble beginnings until they become a chef in the palace.

Players have the time to warm up to the kitchen tasks thanks to the progression of this game. Upgrades can be made, which consequently brings in more complex goals. The player succeeds when they manage to fulfill the orders to the end.

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What are the best VR headsets to play games?

Paid and free VR cooking games require the use of specialized gadgets such as a VR headset to play. Developers continue to pursue technological advancement in virtual reality, contributing to the rise of VR-based games. Here are the industry’s leading headsets that you can use to play the best VR cooking games.

Meta Quest 2

  Meta Quest 2 boasts a high level of quality and usability for VR devices. Many consumers prefer this gadget because it’s one of the best value-for-money options out there. You can buy this headset as a bundle along with high-quality motion controllers made by Meta. It’s a treat for streamers who want to impress their audience since this device is compatible with virtually any gaming PC.

Some of the most notable features of Meta Quest 2 include an excellent refresh rate and fast-switching LCDs. Motion tracking is designed to be more accurate, with a powerful processor that enhances the gaming experience. That means you can expect smoother gameplay, which is a vital quality you should look for in this type of gadget.

The physical aspect of this VR headset is also commendable. The device is completely cordless and will allow a better range of movement for you. You can purchase accessories to further improve the wearing comfort of this device. This VR headset is worth buying for beginners and avid gamers alike.

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR, a product of powerhouse Sony, offers an immersive experience at an affordable price. If you already own the console, it makes sense to purchase this VR headset since it optimizes your gameplay.

The selection of titles for this device is impressive, with reliable motion control support to improve game stability. You can enjoy your VR cooking games on this headset and feel like you’re living it in real life. Some games in the PS VR library don’t require motion controls, making them more convenient to play. Instead, they run on DualSense or DualShock 4, which are already existing features of the console.

That said, this gadget is ideal for those who play on the brand’s consoles PlayStation 4 or 5. If you want to enrich your gaming time on these devices, you can try the new and improved PS VR 2. The latest version maintains the simple set up and comfort of its predecessor while also improving image quality. It features remarkable responsiveness and overall outstanding performance.

Valve Index

If you are mostly a PC gamer, Valve Index is the VR headset for you. It has a relatively wide field of view (FOV), which means that you can interact conveniently with in-game elements. The motion tracking for this device is exceptional thanks to the ‘Knuckle’ design of the controllers. The resolution, refresh rate, and expansive display of this headset are markedly better than other counterparts in the market.

This VR kit can wow you with the smoothness of motion while you’re in the game. Most experts recommend this VR headset for beginners since the learning curve is not as steep. You can appreciate the wide range of movements that enables you to perform the tasks as you would in real life.

Aside from the technical features, the supported library is another great reason to choose this gadget. It is compatible with SteamVR, which means that the list of compatible games is far and wide. Get started on that cooking VR game right away and have fun in the kitchen when you use this popular headset!

HP Reverb G2

PC-tethered virtual reality gaming is the setup of choice for many players because they already have the hardware on lock. For this reason, the HP Reverb G2 is one of the top headsets that PC gamers prefer if they want to dive into VR. It’s priced reasonably for its incredible high-resolution lens.

This VR headset has a smart design that has none of the ‘screen door’ effect on other similar devices. The issue refers to the occurrence of mesh-like lines on the display caused by noticeable gaps in the image pixels. Players can expect a more visually pleasing experience thanks to the sharp screen, wide FOV, and high refresh rate.

HP Reverb G2 has four sensors, which is the first for Windows Mixed Reality headsets. This feature makes motion tracking more accurate, especially during action-packed gameplay mechanics. Although the complementary controllers aren’t as great as other brands, you have the option to upgrade the controller.

Comfort-wise, you will not have any problem donning this VR headset. The eye-piece is cushioned to protect your eye area. It also includes rear strap cushioning to ensure a secure fit while you’re gaming.


The rise of VR gaming is all thanks to the rise of consumer products that delve into virtual reality. You can enjoy the best VR cooking games in these highly recommended headsets and enjoy your time in the kitchen. If you want to get into this new and improved version of gaming, choosing cooking games is a great start!