15 Best Cooking Games on Switch

15 Best cooking games on switch

Food is essential to life, so much so that it made its way to the gaming community’s radar. The best cooking games on Switch come in a variety of art, storyline, and mechanics that appeal to different audiences. Players can choose from thousands of titles with this theme, transporting them to the virtual kitchen to test their skills. 

Switch cooking games can aid in your relaxation or keep you on your toes, whichever fits your mood. Some titles allow gamers to focus solely on kitchen work, while others combine other genres for more excitement. This variety is a delightful break from shooter games, and even the stresses of the day.

The apron is ready, the oven is preheated, and there are fifteen games to discover right now! Without further ado, here are the best cooking games, Switch edition.

Complete overview of best cooking games on Nintendo Switch

Every Nintendo Switch cooking game in this list deserves the spot for its outstanding qualities. Here is a rundown of the most popular titles in this genre!

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1. Overcooked! 2

Overcooked! 2 is a cooking game on Switch that continues to earn the love of players worldwide. It’s a sequel to the classic co-op Overcooked! That features a better execution of the original gameplay. This title combines different elements of cooking, including time management and arcade styles. It offers a fun and thrilling multiplayer experience that gamers can enjoy with their friends.

In this game, the characters return to the Onion Kingdom to begin a new wave of culinary exploration. The antagonists called ‘The Unbread’ are threatening the world’s safety. It’s up to the team to save the community by performing kitchen tasks before the timer runs out.

This fast-paced franchise is one of the best cooking games on Switch today and is very much worth the try. Whether a serious or casual player, anyone will find something to love in this game!

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2. Overcooked: Special Edition

As far as co-op games go, Overcooked: Special Edition stays true to the classic mechanics of the franchise. Each player must be quick on their feet, solving problems and swapping roles at the snap of a finger. Completing objectives requires solid teamwork and a foolproof strategy, making every win more fulfilling.

The player should navigate all the chaos in the gameplay to conquer the enemy. From preparing ingredients to aftercare, the chefs need to do everything without missing a beat. Otherwise, things can go haywire and cause deadly confusion to the people of Onion Kingdom.

This edition includes a time-traveling theme to spice up the game. The Onion King transports the character to 1993 before the ravenous monster reigned terror in the land. It’s a great premise for the increasingly stressful kitchen scenarios happening throughout the 40+ stages of the game.

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3. Cooking Simulator

Realistic Switch cooking games like the Cooking Simulator reel in players who want a life-like culinary experience. There’s no need to save the world in this game, but it does require the player to save a business. They take on the role of employees following each command placed by the manager. The player can wander in the kitchen and interact with objects to figure out and eventually accomplish each task.

This simulation game enables a great learning experience for the gamer. The mentor, whose resemblance to Gordon Ramsay is uncanny, helps players familiarize themselves with the restaurant. Over time, the newbie becomes an expert who single handedly manages the kitchen with ease. It’s one of the best cooking games on Switch that offers real experiences in the virtual world!

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4. Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!


The engaging gameplay of Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! is the reason why it’s a great Nintendo Switch cooking game. This single player game simulates the working experience of a cook behind the counter. Guided by the menu prompt, the player must accurately prepare each order and serve it before customers complain of hunger.

The main challenge of this game is that no two orders are the same. Each customer comes up with specific requests for their meal, which adds more stress to the overall mechanics. Cleaning tasks also follow a different sequence for each prompt. With effective time management and accuracy, players can receive their hard-earned high rating in this game.

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5. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza, is originally a mobile game for Android and Apple devices. Following a great reception, developers created a version of this cooking game Switch edition for avid users of this device. The game continues to gain popularity as it allows gamer to experience the cooking frenzy on a bigger screen.

In this title, the player becomes a pizzeria owner completing orders and serving customers with a smile. The goal is to earn money to operate the business, as well as become the best pizza shop in town. Each upgrade brings new items like equipment or toppings that elevate the pizzeria’s service. This child-friendly game is one of the most relaxing cooking games Switch has seen!

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6. Sushi Time!

Sushi is a specialty from Japan that captured the hearts of foodies across the globe. Sushi Time! is the perfect game for people who love this dish or simply want to run a cooking game. The setting takes place at a sushi bar, where players must fulfill orders before the timer ends. Fast and accurate orders earn bigger tips that ultimately enable the chef to level up.

The game progression unlocks various items like recipes, ingredients, and equipment upgrades. It has the right balance of difficulty and fun that makes Sushi Time! even more exciting to play.

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7. Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe

Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe features unique gameplay: competitive RPG with puzzles and cooking theme in the mix! Players battle with different monsters and gather ingredients from their fresh catch. Cooking challenges come in a puzzle format, tickling the hero’s brain before they can serve sumptuous dishes for the judges.

This game includes another element to elevate the difficulty—time management. The clock keeps ticking as players need to complete tasks and whip up the winning dish. Gamer looking for more adventures can choose from extra modes such as Survival Mode and Restaurant Rush, among others. The selection ensures no downtime and boredom for players!

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8. Automachef

Coming from the makers of Overcooked!, Automachef is a Switch cooking game that touches on today’s hot topic: artificial intelligence. The kitchen leverages AI that helps automate the cooking, assembly, and serving processes. Instead of going through the busy kitchen workflow, this game challenges players to strategize the placement of equipment and machines.

As a puzzle game, Automachef features 45 stages that require the chef to setup the automation efficiently. They also need to troubleshoot flaws, ensuring that the kitchen becomes a well-oiled machine by the time they’re done.

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9. Bone’s Café

Restaurant management is the central theme of Bone’s Café. This Nintendo Switch cooking game is a fast-paced co-op play that follows Bones, a necromancer restaurateur. There are several objectives in-game, including designing the café, unearthing new recipes, customizing the menu, and directing undead kitchen assistants. Expanding the café means leveling up, too!

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10. My Universe – Cooking Star Restaurant

Another one of the best Switch cooking games is My Universe – Cooking Star Restaurant. The player gets to start their restaurant from scratch by naming it and hiring a chef. They gain XP by preparing dishes, which then expands the business and upgrades chef skills. There are minigames within the mechanics, each one unlocking menu items and reaching the final level of the game.

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11. Epic Chef Nintendo switch

The rags-to-riches storyline of Epic Chef is one of this list’s expansive cooking game Switch versions. There’s a whole new world to explore as the main character develops a run-down abode and harnesses their culinary expertise. Players compete with other cooks in Ambrosia, attempting to win by combining the best ingredients they gather.

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12. Food truck tycoon

Become the most popular food truck owner in town and display your culinary prowess in “Food Truck Tycoon”! This time management game involves prepping and serving orders in the fastest times possible. The goal is to satisfy as many customers as possible within the time limit to level up and slay the competition.

This title features 60 levels and 50 recipes to serve, with countless ingredients and decor to upgrade the interior. This Nintendo Switch cooking game is a treat for adventurous chefs who want the thrill of capturing 25 Achievements in-game.

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13. Cooking Festival

Manage a cooking sim in Cooking Festival and create the most delectable dishes from countries around the world. This game transforms the player into a master chef who can explore various cuisines in more than 900 stages. There are tournaments and food festivals to attend, each granting a special boost for the most impressive dishes.

As a special treat to players, this game enables virtual travel to different destinations like Naples, San Francisco, and Berlin. There are landmarks to dock on the map and cooking experiences to amass every time the player opens this game!

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14. Pet Shop Snacks

The single-player Pet Shop Snacks is a cooking game Switch edition that features star chefs of this virtual world. Keep the residents of the community happy by creating pet-approved delicacies using the best ingredients. Players can stock up the bar and upgrade it to serve customers better and make yummier dishes for pets.

This title is a combination of different genres, each one making the gameplay more action-packed. There’s a puzzle and simulation element, as well as adventure and strategy to please different types of players. Expansion packs are also available for those who want to open new levels and achievements in this pet world.

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15. Pokémon Café ReMix

Originally called Pokémon Café Mix, this title now boasts a little add-on, which indicates better revamp in-game. Pokémon Café ReMix preserves the puzzle component of the gameplay, creating dishes and drinks for every completed challenge. The café owner manages some beloved Pokémon characters as staff, making this game a must-download for players who love the anime!

For users who played the original game, the in-game items like ‘golden acorns’ are transferred over to this version. This way, they can unlock new puzzles and progress faster in the game.

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The takeaway

The best cooking games on Switch bring on more updates and improvements to keep the fun coming. Aspiring chefs or casual gamers can pick a title from this list that suits their taste and try it right away. There’s nothing to lose when it comes to cooking games—only endless culinary entertainment awaits!