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Hello there, world-class master chef! Earn the title of a renowned kitchen expert who knows how to create dishes from across the globe. Learn how to create dishes from different continents like Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas! It’s a truly fulfilling experience as players go through the motions of becoming full-fledged chefs.

Worldwide delight
The spotlight shines on different traditional dishes featured all over the world today! Each pin location features the country name, flag, and representative meal that their citizens enjoy. It’s a fantastic chance to explore the look and taste of various nations like Germany, Vietnam, Egypt, India, and more. Select a country to get started with the real work—cooking!

Shop and prep
No cooking task is complete without shopping for the best ingredients. To make the most outstanding dish, players must carefully add to the cart the right items for the recipe. With everything in the basket, scan the items and swipe the card to pay. Then, off they go to the kitchen to make the tasty magic happen.

Slice and dice
Each dish in the selection has varying steps, making this app a great learning experience. Players not only get an idea of how each dish is cooked. Follow the instructions according to the step-by-step guide to create the perfect meal. Remember, it’s an opportunity to learn how the locals cook it, so make the most of this remarkable experience!

  • Select a dish from different countries from Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, and South America.
  • Start by going grocery shopping, scanning each item, and paying via card swipe!
  • Prepare the ingredients in the kitchen and get cooking.
  • Select the plating, garnish, and other finishing touches to the specialty dish.
  • Snap a photo of the picture-perfect meal and take a bite!

Chefs-to-be, tour across the globe and claim your title as an expert when you play this game. Download the World Chef Cooking Recipe Game today!

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