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Giving a princess a makeover will not just make her look elegant but also beautify her in every way possible. In this White Horse Princess Dress Up game, you will not just dress up a princess but also her white horse. Let’s find out more!

Perform the skincare routine

To make this beautiful princess stand out, players should begin by cleaning her face. To properly clean the face, you should:

  • Use the soap to get rid of the dirt from the face
  • Pop the pimples from the face
  • Apply the face mask and wait for some time and rinse the face
  • Wipe up the extra water and apply the face serum

Now that she has a clean and glowing face, players can apply makeup to make the princess look beautiful and elegant.

Dress up the princess

After the face routine, it’s time to make the princess shine. You will find several icons on the right side of the screen. Each of these icons signifies the hairstyle, dresses, accessories, footwear, etc. You can click on these icons and choose the perfect look for the princess.

Clean the horse and fix its teeth

Now, it’s time to take care of the princess’s horse and give it a makeover. Remove all the twigs from its body and place them in the garbage bin. Take the water hose, spray the water over the horse, and give this beautiful animal a good wash with soap.

When all the dirt has been removed, eliminate the excess water with a towel and give the horse a good brush.

Remove all the food bits and dirt from its mouth, brush its teeth, and replace the black teeth with a filling. Once you’re done with the dressing-up work, save your creation by pressing the “Save” option.

The features

In this White Horse Princess Dress-Up game, all the players will conduct many activities. But the game has gained more popularity due to these features:

  • Drag and use the water hose on the horse
  • Use the mouth to place all the twigs from the horse inside the garbage bin
  • Click on the towel and wipe the face of the princess
  • Get rid of the worn-out horseshoe and replace it with a new one
  • Change the color and style of the horse’s tail.

The princes and white game is pretty engaging, and you can style the princess and her horse based on your taste easily.

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