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Every lady in the super star girl dream factory is waiting in line for a fashion expert to complete their look! Players can transform into professional stylists that help superstars get ready for the stage. From hairstyle to makeup to outfit, every girl must get through every station. However, there’s a catch: they need to finish their look without losing hearts or the show is ruined!

Makeover Frenzy
The game is perfect for aspiring stylists who know how to quickly accomplish every makeover. A line of superstars set to perform is waiting for their turn. There are several stations that they need to go through, such as hairstyle, makeup, and accessories. However, there is a limit to these stars’ patience and it’s up to the stylist to make sure they finish preparing for the stage in time.

Beat the Level
Players need to finish their current task before they can proceed to more challenges as the game progresses. To win, stylists need to hit the goal, which increases for every level up. The tricky part is that every makeover selection needs to be spot-on, or else the stars dock points off the scoreboard. A cup of coffee should keep the stars more patient and wait in line a little longer.

Shop Items
The accumulated points can be used to buy items from the store! There are dressing tables, elegant espresso machines, and other items that enhance the stylist’s lair. Who knows, the next purchase might improve the makeover process!

  • Create the perfect look that superstars prefer for their stage appearance.
  • Follow the superstar’s instructions to get everything right, from the makeup to the outfit.
  • Quickly guide each star to the next station and fulfill their request.
  • Earn points by creating the best look and using them to buy in-store items.
  • Multi-level progression to enhance player skill and become the next super stylist!

Get ready to become the best fashion expert in the Super Star Girl Dream Factory! From hairstyles to makeup to outfits, every superstar is waiting for you to complete their look before they hit the stage. Go download this fashion game right now.

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