Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich

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Stella needs several boxes of strawberries to cater to the swarm of customers at the market today! She seeks the assistance of Steve to harvest the sweet and luscious fruit. Players can lend their helping hand to fulfill the orders without fail. From planting the strawberries to caring for, picking, and boxing the fruit, it all boils down to creating hearty dishes and desserts from this ingredient!

Head to the farm
Before anything else, the strawberry farm is in a bit of a dilemma. The plots need to be cleaned before fruits can grow! Pick up trash and fallen leaves that are strewn about to get the soil ready for planting. Rake the land as soon as it’s cleared and use the trowel to create the holes. Plant the seed and cover it up for the next step.

Proper strawberry care
As with any plant, the fruit requires a good round of watering. Alas, the motor is broken! Players need to fix the machine before water can flow out properly and irrigate the plot. Pour drops of grease and clean the exterior, then fill the watering can with water to hydrate the strawberries. Place little miss ladybugs on each shrub to help them grow healthy!

Strawberry cooking
To cook strawberry delicacies, players need to carefully pack ingredients and fulfill the recipe. With everything in the bag, proceed to the kitchen to cook! Slice the strawberries evenly and follow the guide without skipping a step. Players can create ice cream sandwiches, waffles, cakes, donuts, parfaits, and other sweet treats like a pro!

  • Learn how to grow strawberries by farming the plot and harvesting the fruit.
  • Ship the strawberries to the supermarket and weigh each item before displaying them.
  • Select a strawberry dish to create given the number of fruits on hand.
  • Prepare every ingredient and complete the recipe.
  • Sprinkle the garnish and decorations, serve it, and take a picture-perfect snap!

The Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich game is waiting for you to come and play. Download today!

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