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Bring back the sleek and blemish-free beauty of the sports car as it wheels in the car wash station! This chill game lets the player clean and fix the vehicle and get it ready for the big race. There’s a lot to do from washing the exterior to sprucing up the interior, it’s an all-around experience that gives a glimpse of how to run a car washing and maintenance biz.

Squeaky Clean
Restore the paint job’s new-like quality by giving the sports car a good old wash. Soap and rinse the dirt and rubbish off. There are different tools to scrub and wipe the stains that ruin the aesthetic of the sports car. Players can also use the paintbrush to bring back the perfectly flawless exterior of the vehicle.

Quick Repairs
The battered and bruised sports car needs some care and attention that only an expert can handle. Replace the broken windshield by following the markings and swapping it with brand-new glass. The sports car may also have busted tires that need replacement. Remove the old set, install the new tires, and twist the bolts in place. The car will now run at its absolute best!

Race-Ready Fixes
With the car’s exterior at its finest, the interior needs some loving, too. Check under the hood, inspect the parts, and fix the faulty components for a race-ready car. From the dashboard to the leather seats, every nook and cranny of the sports car will come out looking brand-new. Also, there is an array of customization options like decals, rims, and other elements that make a picture-perfect car!

  • Restore the sports car’s elegant beauty by washing it and fixing every issue.
  • Exterior and interior repairs to make the vehicle ready for a race.
  • Check under the hood and mend broken components as needed.
  • Customize the rig by incorporating paint patterns and other designs.
  • Take a photo of the newly refurbished sports car!

Find out what it’s like to become a professional sports car care specialist using this app. The Sports car wash–care game is a top choice for you, so make sure to download it right away!

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