Puppy’s Caring Pet Veterinary

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Arf, arf! Puppy has spent all day playing and now he needs you to care for him! In this fun virtual pet game, you’ll be in charge of taking care of your puppy’s very first grooming. Take him to the pet salon where you will have to complete a whole host of animal games to get him properly groomed after all of the dirt he’s picked up while playing outside. You’ll feel like a real dog owner as you wash and provide treatments for your puppy. So get to work! Puppy needs you!


● Make sure to carefully remove all of the dust, twigs, leaves and other branches that puppy picked up while playing outside.
● Give him the proper treatments that will make his coat shiny and soft.
● Shampoo, brushing, and washing are all important for proper puppy care.
● Make your puppy look like a show dog with some fun accessories that you can pick out.

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