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Pet pampering is a hobby that anyone can enjoy anywhere and anytime on their phone. This bubbly game of caring for a virtual puppy can snatch the hearts of players who love, love, and love pet animals! From bathing to feeding and everything in between, this app teaches the dos and don’ts of puppy care. Welcome to puppy land and learn how to keep every fur baby happy and healthy!

Choose a Pet
Step into this lovely world and meet Cooper, Max, Charlie, and more pups that need love, care, and attention. Every pet has unique and customizable features like dog breed and fur color. The game also has the option to give the puppy a vibrant, patterned look! These fur babies can have a uniquely charming appearance depending on their owner’s preference.

Clean and Dress-Up
Before anything else, ensuring that the puppies are safe is a priority. Their coats may have pesky insects hiding about, which players can remove with a pair of tweezers. There are also tools for cleansing the ears and keeping the pup in tip-top shape.

Another pet care step that brings lots of fun is washing, scrubbing, and drying them clean! Once they feel refreshed, it’s time to dress them up with a range of accessories from the hair salon such as pet collars and eye wear to spruce up their style.

Feeding Time
Cooking sumptuous meals for these little ones is also a delight in this game app! From prepping to helping them eat, owners can get a feel of how feeding helps grow the bond between humans and pups. Select the puppy among a great selection of endearing pets.

  • Customize their look to bring out their unique character.
  • Clean the pet’s coat by washing and grooming using the right tools.
  • Dress them up with beautiful accessories to enhance their appearance.
  • Feed the pup and forge a loving relationship between pet and owner!


The Puppy makeover hair salon is a top-tier app of choice for pet lovers who want to become the best fur parent in the world! Just download the game and enjoy!

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