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Who says makeovers are only for humans? Give puppies and kitties the glow-up they deserve in this adorable pet care and styling game. This app guides the player through the basics of cleaning and dressing up pets, and getting them ready for the day. It simulates the real deal and gives a peek into the life of a dedicated fur parent.

Clean them Up
Oh no, the pet made a mess! Start by choosing a puppy or kitty to care for and groom them properly. Before they make more disasters in the already topsy-turvy room, players need to wash and dry them, pronto. A nice, clean bath with a soap lather should clean the little one right up. Next, brush their fur and cut their nails to avoid cuts and scratches. Remember to brush their teeth, too!

Keep them Healthy
Dogs and cats need all the attention they can get, and food is a way to show them the best care. Feed them their favorite meal and a drink of water to satisfy the pet’s cravings. If they are down with a stomach bug, match the right medicine with the specific microbe to banish them away!

Style them Up
Caring for animals also includes giving them the best outfits and accessories available. The game has several quality items like onesies, collars, neckties, and shoes to prepare them for some outdoor fun. For more fashionable and top-of-the-line designs, players can unlock in-game purchases, too.

  • Choose a puppy or kitty to kickstart the pet care program.
  • Clean up the fur baby by following the washing, nail clipping, and brushing guide.
  • Heal the pet’s boo-boos with the right medicine to get rid of the germs!
  • Stylize their head-to-toe outfit to get them ready for a day out.
  • Buy high-quality items by unlocking them in the store.

What are you waiting for? Download Puppy games & kitty game salon and adopt your new virtual fur pet today!

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