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Every beautiful princess owns a gorgeous room, but it doesn’t stay perfect all the time! Objects in disarray, rubbish thrown everywhere—the space can become a mess that needs a thorough cleaning, ASAP! This game is all about getting the room tidy and comfortable for the princess. The only problem is the room needs to be spotless before the timer runs out! Are you ready for this challenge?

Find the Mess
The princess’ room is beautiful, but the mess is too much! Players need to quickly get rid of the rubbish and pick up the little lady’s things strewn on the floor. The trash goes to the bin, while teddy bears, blankets, and other stuff need to be brought back to their spot. Some furniture and fixtures need to be straightened up, too!

Use the Tools
Look from the floor to the ceiling and find the dirty spots that need a sweep or swipe. Use the duster tool to remove cobwebs on the ceiling. There’s also a broom to wipe away the dirt and spots on the floor. Lastly, the rug button can help the player get rid of liquid stains on windows and doors.

Clean-Up, Quick!
The biggest test is to finish the clean-up within the allotted time. Make everything nice and clean before the timer is up to unlock more exciting levels in the game! Keep unlocking the stages to discover more challenges along the way. There are hints to spend so that players don’t miss out on a single task, helping them make the room spick and span.

  • Remove the trash and arrange the misplaced objects in the room.
  • Clean up stains and dirt from the floor to the ceiling to get more points.
  • Straighten up skewed pieces of furniture and fixtures across the room.
  • Complete all the tasks within the given time frame to level up.
  • Hints are available to help players get unstuck on a level!

Players are raving about this game. One user mentioned:
“I love this game; it’s fun and just needs more levels.” Another review emphasized its educational aspect, sharing, “This game is fantastic for teaching personal responsibility.” A happy parent even said, “My daughter loves it so much that she wanted to clean her own room by herself!”

Princesses want a lovely, clean room, and it’s up to you to tidy up the space to its absolute best. Download these Princess room cleanup games and make the princess happy with your outstanding cleaning skills!

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