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Ladies, the chance to become the beauty behind the mask is here! This dress-up game lets players create an elegant, bespoke mask for special events like masquerade balls and proms. There are plenty of customization options, such as selecting materials, coloring, and accessorizing. It’s the perfect game to unleash one’s creativity and create a truly unique mask that wows the party!

Mix and Match
There is a great selection of laces, feathers, and jewels to craft a dazzling motif for the mask. Playing with a blend of colors and accessories is easy! From bright hues to soothing pastels, every possible color combination is only a click away. Add intricate details like glitter and gems to bring out the mask’s lovely personality.

Become a Real Designer
Players can let their aesthetic sense shine with this app. It comes with a variety of glamorous outfits, headdresses, gloves, and other frills that are suitable for special occasions. For the final look, the wearer gets to mix and match the mask with dresses, hairstyles, and more.

With two game modes available, Princess Prom Beauty Mask is a makeover app that speaks to people who love the styling. In the end, designers get to take a screenshot of the complete look befitting a princess. Best of all, making the mask is a great way to simulate a stylist’s expertise—creating art through fashion!

  • Two game themes: chic, traditional masquerade ball or a fun, trendy masquerade party.
  • Explore paint combinations for the mask with preset colors or pick a shade from the color wheel.
  • Accessorize the mask with feathers, laces, and sparkly jewels to make it lively and attractive.
  • 10+ lovely ballgowns, trendy dresses, hairstyles, gloves, and other extras in the selection.
  • Child-friendly interface and fuss-free gameplay that simulates mask styling and designing!

With a vast selection of customization options and glamorous accessories, Princess Prom Beauty Mask allows you to step into the shoes of a real designer and create beautiful masks.

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