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Have fun playing a relaxing and fun game that will have you exploring a magical world filled with ponies playing in the sun. But, as always you will find trouble even in paradise and this is where you come in. The Pony Doctor Games gives you the opportunity to test your doctor skills by treating ponies and healing them from their injuries.

Once you load this game you will find three stages that are fun to play. You will need to have unique skill sets to treat and give attention to the horses. The first stage will have you treating the injuries of the ponies. You will need to use the little medical expertise you have to assess the injuries and provide the treatment that the ponies need. You will follow the treatment by applying ointments to soothe the pain before bandaging the injuries.

You will then proceed to the second stage where you will clean the pony. Bathing the horse will make her feel fresh and you will also increase her happiness. Soap and water will come in handy in order to remove all the dirt and grime from the ponies. Due to the attention, you are providing, you will increase her happiness. You can top off all the affections you are providing by drying her off and combing her mane and tail.

Finally, you can finish off caring for the ponies by accessorizing through a makeover leaving her feeling fabulous and healthy. Some of the accessories you will be using include bows, ribbons and jewellery thus creating a special look.

In summary, the features you will be getting in the game include:

  • Treating Pony’s injuries
  • Wrapping the broken bones helping the ponies heal fast
  • Bathing the ponies giving them a fresh look
  • Giving your pony a makeover
  • Showing off your pony to your friends and family

You will receive reward points as you continue playing this game after completing each task thus unlocking new ponies and tasks.

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