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Ponies are beautiful creatures that bring joy and laughter to their owners. Like any other animal, the pony needs the utmost care and attention to give them a healthy and delightful life. This game is made especially for the young and young at heart who have always dreamed of owning a pony. From grooming to feeding to dressing up, learning every pony care technique starts here.

Adopt a Pony
A list of ponies is available for the player to select the pet that catches their eye. Once they do, real care management commences! Clean the stable, swat the flies, and groom the pony to keep them clean and smelling fresh. Scrub and rinse their mane, and make sure to dry them up after. Next, brush their hair to give it a smooth and healthy glow!

Pony Race
With their body and hooves cleaned, the pet pony can now try a quick race. Jump through the obstacles at the right time to win coins. Don’t forget to feed them after the contest because they surely worked up an appetite after that one!

Prettify the Pony
Players can select hair and tail colors, place tattoos, and other novel accessories to transform the pony’s look. It’s a truly magical experience as owners can add wings, a saddle, and headdresses for their pets. The range of customization options is sure to grant the pony an unparalleled look!

  • Choose a pony to adopt and clean them thoroughly to keep them healthy.
  • Feed the pony with their favorite food and brush their pearly whites.
  • Experience pony makeovers such as changing hair color and accessories.
  • Two game modes for players to choose from.
  • Unlock more pets and other novelty items by purchasing from the in-game store.

The Pony Care – animal games are what you need to download to learn how to treat ponies right. Get it today and start showing love to your very own pony!

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