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Just like humans, animals too can fall sick, get injured, and might need medication for a health condition. Through this Animal Pet Doctor Caring Game, you will play as an animal doctor who will take care of the pet animals properly. Check out some of the exclusive features of the game:

Choose a pet

Players will encounter cute little pets like Bubba the pig, Vivian the cat, Alice the bunny, and Moppet the dog. As the doctor, you can opt for any one of the pets as your 1st patient and then proceed further to provide the best care to them.

Start the treatment

Once you place them on the observation table, you find that they have many scratches, bruises, and many items stuck on their fur. To make these furry pets healthy and happy again, players must eliminate all the bugs, add bandages to their wounds, and apply ointment to their scratches.

For instance, when you select Bubba the pig for treatment, you will find the poor piglet is covered with wounds and bruises. It also has leaves and branches on him. Be sure to pull those twigs out and apply bandages on their wounds.

Utilize all the tools and equipment.

In this Animal Pet Doctor Caring Game, when you begin the treatment work, you will come across various tools and equipment available. These items will help all the players to offer effective and quick treatment to these pet animals.

When you treat different pets, you have to utilize different tools and equipment. For instance, for Moppet, you find things like cotton buds, eye drops, tweezers, and a small thermometer to check their body temperature.

Be sure to use all the items correctly so that the little pet can become and feel much healthier than before.

Features worth checking out

This animal care game is extremely engaging but also comes with some outstanding features, which are:

  • Drag and drop all the items on the pet animals
  • Complete all the tasks quickly
  • Get rid of all the bacteria and germs in their mouth
  • Eliminate all the bugs and ticks hidden in their fur
  • Dress up the pets in different pet clothes and accessories.

Experience how it feels to be a vet through this game and take good care of the animals by offering the correct treatment to them.

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