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Pet Care Center offers the ultimate experience of animal care exclusively for all who love pets. Players are given the responsibility of the well-being of the cutest and most lovely animals out there. So, get ready to cater to every need of your furry friend and you can become the best caretaker in town.

A stream of owners will greet you while you start your journey at the Pet Care Center and those pet owners will be trusting you to take care of their lovely furry friends. First job would be putting each dog in its own kennel and you can also play with them, after all, you would be entitled to their overall care. The user can do whatever it takes to make sure that they are comfortable and happy while staying at the Pet Care Center.

Through thought bubbles above their heads, furry friends can also communicate their needs to the caretaker. For example, if they want food, they can request it, if they want a bath, they can ask. Furthermore, they can also want a little bit of love and affection. So, it’s up to person in the game to take care of their needs and to keep them satisfied.

Some key features are:

  • At your door step, clients will come with their pets
  • They can be put in Kennel
  • The user can play with them
  • Their needs like patting and bathing will be fulfilled
  • Owners will pick up their healthy pets

Happy players shared:

“I like this game because it’ll teach me how to care for pets when I’m older.”

“My friend and I played for hours! We’d love another salon chair, and the best part is there aren’t many ads!”

One need to be quick and attentive to all animals which are in care because they will be picked up by their owners soon, and they will be checking whether or not, you have taken care of them in the best possible way. User will have a happy owner if he does his job well by keeping the cats and dogs healthy and happy, and as a reward, plenty of bonuses can be earned.

With your progress in Pet Care Center game, more animals can be unlocked to care for, each of them having unique characters. Kennels, food and toys can also be upgraded.

The ultimate animal care game, The Pet Care Center is the best animal lover and caretaker game which will provide the user with a virtual but realistic opportunity to take care of furry friends.

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