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Olivias Washing Laundry Game is about helping Olivia wash her clothes. Players are guided on how to go about the game; from picking detergents to learning how to operate the washing machine. The game has two levels and each level has its own tasks to be completed.

Level one starts by separating the white clothes from the colored ones. Gamer are directed on how to do the washing by first fixing the water pipes, turning on the tap, and then washing the white clothes first and then the colored ones later. In the process, players add various detergents to the washing machine in order to give the clothes a clean wash and a nice scent.

After the washing, the dresses are put to dry by matching them to their replica as they hang them in the lines. After the dresses are dry, they put them back in the laundry baskets. The dresses are then ironed and hung on the wardrobes. The final bit of level one is to dress Olivia to make her look good.

Level two of this game starts by doing shopping, buying groceries, and paying for them. The next bit is to separate the colored clothes from the white ones and then cleaning them. After this, players clean the bedroom floor and the dirty walls.


  • Gamer sort the dirty dresses into the laundry basket as required.
  • They take out and collect all of the clothes’ extraneous items.
  • They place the dirty dresses in the washer and then select your laundry detergent.
  • Olivia will tell them how long to set up the washing machine.
  • Once they are dried in the dryer, the dresses will undoubtedly smell amazing thanks to the fabric conditioner.
  • Players will then assist Olivia with ironing the dresses, then hanging them.

Do you want to know how clothes are cleaned? Download this interactive Olivias Washing Laundry Game app to know more on how to do so as you enjoy the play!

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