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Explore a great way to relax and unwind by playing the Nail Salon Design & Pedicure game. This game will let you step into the glamorous world of nail salons as you tap into your fashionista lifestyle. It is fun and addictive as you will become a nail technician and your job will be to give clients perfect pedicures and manicures. The game starts with you choosing whether to do a manicure or a pedicure.

You will start by washing and moisturizing the feet or hands of the client to ensure that they are clean. after cleaning you will move to cut the client’s nails before filing them to make them look neat and ready for the polish. Once you have completed these steps, you will put on your creative hat as you need to create a masterpiece.

The game will let you have a choice between a variety of nail colors and shapes to create the perfect base for your creative designs. You will get bold reds and pinks to subtle pastels and nudes for your vision to become true. All these colors will let you create your style, design and flair.

By playing this game you will need to get inspired by the latest trends to add shapes, patterns and glitter to your client’s toes or nails. You will also get a wide variety of brushes and tools that enable you to have a wondrous mind giving you endless possibilities. You can top off your client’s pedicure or manicure by adding some bling with stunning gems and accessories.

You can finish off the nail job by making sure that the nails or toes are buffed and polished.

Some of the features you will find in the game include:

  • Washing and moisturizing the client’s hands
  • Cutting and filing nails and toes for a smooth and shiny canvas
  • Choosing the nail shape and color before starting to create
  • Adding bling to hands to complement the nail manicure
  • Shine feet making them look pretty

So play Nail Salon Design & Pedicure and give your clients beautiful nails to be proud of.

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