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Have you always wondered what it would be like to be a mermaid, or to dress mermaids and give them a makeover? If so, the Mermaid’s Makeover Salon game is the perfect game for you to practice your skills, obtain your desires, and pass the time.

You will obtain a mermaid friend and take them to the salon in readiness to have an amazing pamper day. At the salon, you will give your mermaid friend an incredible facial to make their skin as healthy, glowing, and soft as possible. The facial will be in preparation for giving your mermaid makeover with the best makeup.

Once skincare makeup is done you can move on to their hair. Mermaids have incredible hair and it will be a great experience to get to groom it and dress it with amazing accessories. Seeing as a mermaid’s hair is their prized possession, ensure to take great care.

  • Obtain a mermaid friend and take them to a salon for a relaxing pamper day.
  • Give them a made a facial to make their skin incredibly soft and ready for makeup that will make them look beautiful.
  • Makeover their hair and then design it to make them look as elegant as possible.
  • Accessorize the mermaid with stunning jewelry.
  • Show off your mermaid and their makeover to your friends and family to showcase your incredible beauty treatment skills.

Download the Mermaids Makeover Salon game today if you wish to become friends with a Mermaid, practice your salon skills, and makeover the most beautiful mermaids.

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