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A saccharine surprise awaits in this exciting ice cream and candy factory! Fulfill orders and complete the level by getting the right ingredients and mixture. The challenge: completing the recipe before the time runs out! This game is the ultimate test for would-be sweets factory owners. It’s the perfect chance to test the player’s skills in whipping up the best candy and ice cream in town!

Run the Factory
The game gives a glimpse of the magic that happens in an ice cream and candy-making factory. From mixing the ingredients to choosing the right flavor, each level is a challenge that requires quick work, much like running a business successfully. It entails pulling the right lever and selecting the right candy shape and color to match the order.

Multiple Levels
This thrilling game consists of various levels of ice cream making and candy production. Go easy on the first few levels and watch it become trickier as the game progresses! Fulfilling the orders on the lower levels unlocks new and more challenging machines to operate.

Beat the time limit by completing orders correctly in the fastest way possible. Players can rack up their score at the end and show their friends how they absolutely slay in this game!

  • Fulfill orders by making ice cream and candy that match the order.
  • Get the right topping shape, color, and flavor, and follow the correct cup pattern.
  • Run the factory correctly by pressing the lever and button in the right sequence.
  • Unlock new levels by making a flawless sweep of the orders and achieving the best score.
  • Work quickly to beat the time and satisfy the customers before they leave!
  • Discover new machines on each level and use the corresponding guides to run the factory without error.

With each level getting trickier than the last, this game is a true test of your ability to run a successful ice cream shop and fulfill customer orders in the fastest way possible. So why wait? Step into the world of candy-making and show off your skills to your friends!

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