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Relax and take time off your busy schedule and play the horse and pony caring game. This game is not only a great way of passing time but a stimulating way to keep you busy in a fun way. If you love caring for horses and the therapy provided by the game then this is the game to choose. It is a realistic game that will have you taking care of ponies. By giving you a chance to give attention to a pony, you get to interact with the horses which is an immersive experience.

Horses and Pony Caring Game has many features that will enable you to interact with the animals in the game. You will get to wash the ponies, heck you can also clip their hair making them look their best. Just like human beings, these animals do require a regular hygiene schedule to avoid falling ill.

Another way you can take care of the horses is by making sure that they are healthy and disease free. You can do this by making sure that the ponies get their vaccines as needed. This will protect them from any potential illnesses that can infect the horses.

The Horses and Ponies in this game will also need to be fed. You can do this routinely inside the game allowing the animals to remain calm and quiet when you take care of them. You can feed the animals a wide variety of foods that will ensure that the ponies are well-fed.

Features that you will find in the game:

  • Washing and clipping the horses.
  • Giving vaccines to the horses.
  • Picking bugs off the skin of the horses.
  • Feeding the horses.
  • Treat the horses when they fall ill.

In conclusion, you will have a great opportunity to experience the feeling of taking care of horses. The realistic features and gameplay make this game fun to play. It all takes grooming, bathing, feeding and vaccination to ensure that the horses do not suffer from any disease and are healthy.

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