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Everyone should take care of their oral health, as it will prevent unwanted dental problems from taking place. Oral health is taken care of by a dentist, who offers treatment and solutions for dental issues. Through the Fun Mouth Doctor Dentist Game, you will experience how life is to be a dentist and how you can resolve all dental issues.

Clean the teeth

Players will utilize the tools that are displayed at the bottom of the screen. The tools will help them remove black and rotten teeth, replace cracked or damaged teeth, etc.

You just have to click on the tools and utilize them in the affected areas. Rinse your patient’s mouth after removing plaque, sticky candy, and other food particles from the mouth.

Kill all the bacteria

Bacteria can cause severe oral issues in your patient. As the doctor, you must eliminate them. So, use the microscope to zoom into the mouth area and eliminate all the bacteria.

To remove the bacteria, you will find four different tools. Scan the insides of the patient’s mouth and use these four tools to eliminate the bacteria completely.

Take care of the oral health of different characters

A unique thing about the Fun Mouth Doctor Dentist Game is that you will not just offer dental care to humans but also animals.

After fixing the teeth and other oral issues of three children, you will get the opportunity to take care of the dental health of Mr. Pig. Rinse his mouth, get rid of the plague, replace the broken and blacked teeth with new ones, and kill all the bacteria.

Decorate the teeth

After taking care of dental health, you can decorate the look of your patient’s teeth. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Stain the teeth with different shades. There are quite a few shades available.
  • Players will find different stickers to decorate the teeth
  • There are many kinds of stickers, such as heart-shaped gems, scorpio, butterflies, etc.
  • Click on the stick of your choice and place it in the lower and upper teeth

Get to experience the role of a dentist through this engaging mouth doctor game. You conduct many

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