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Many individuals dream of running a nail salon where they can show off their nail design and art skills. With the My Fashion Nail Salon Game, you will get the opportunity to run a nail salon of your own. You can create and design beautiful and eye-catching nail art, which will surely impress your customers.

Clean the hands and trim the nails

Before going to the main part, players must clean up their hands and trim the customer’s nails. First, heal the wounds on the customer’s hands with some ointment.

Keep rubbing it until it disappears. Next, players must use soap to remove the dirt from their hands and then wash it off. Eliminate the excess water with a towel.

Apply the hand mask and then gently peel it off. Give it a final wash. Take the nail cutter and trim the crooked and uneven nails.

The player will then utilize the nail file to shape the nails properly. You must soak the nails once again in a bowl of water that contains flower petals. Keep it submerged for some time, then dry it with a cloth.

Style the nails

Now that you’re done with the manicure, it’s nail art time. You can choose the shape of the nails, you will find many shapes displayed at the right side of the screen. Use the nail paints located at the left side of the screen. You will encounter many shades, go for the one based on your preference.

Players will find unique and bright shades and every time you click on the customer’s finger, it will zoom in so that the players can apply the nail paint perfectly. Besides that, they can also:

  • Mix and match the nail paints with the imitation mode or play freely with the Free Mode
  • Utilize two nail paints on one finger
  • Decorate the fingers with beautiful and shiny rings
  • Also, place the bracelet on one or both of the hands of the customers.
  • Get to apply rhinestones and other decorations on the nails.

The My Fashion Nail Salon Game is pretty unique, and players will get the chance to create nail art based on their needs and style. This game is a perfect way to find out the type of nail art you wish to get in real life.

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