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Homes are an expression of creativity, and that’s exactly what players can showcase in this app! Become an interior designer who creates the most awe-inspiring layouts for every room. With plenty of design options to pick, there are many ways to customize the house. Choose furniture, decor, and play with color combinations to bring out the beauty of the space.

Pick a room
The house is a blank canvas, and players are the artists to prettify all corners of it! Clicking ‘Play’ leads to a selection of rooms to design. The living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen all need a makeover to create a bright and livable home. Design at a relaxed pace since there is no time limit. Players can arrange and rearrange several times until they are satisfied with the results.

New area unlocked
There’s also a new area to explore: the garden! Select the plants, flowers, trees, and make a mini green forest right from the backyard. Build a paved pathway and line it with shrubs and grasses to accentuate it. Players can also set the backdrop including the sky, surrounding area, and a fence to make the house more secure.

Drag and adjust
This app is a great way to sharpen one’s eye for detail. Players can select an item and drag it to their preferred space in the room. There are also controls for resizing the furniture and décor to match the desired design. It’s easy to nudge and zoom every piece until everything looks picture perfect!

  • Pick a room to design: living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.
  • Choose every detail such as the bed, sofa, chairs, windows, and more!
  • Curate the backyard garden for a cozier home.
  • Explore easy-to-use controls to move, resize, and position the pieces.
  • Take a picture and redesign it to create new looks for the home.

Fashion House Designer is the game for you if a lovely home is your goal. Try the app right now and have loads of fun!

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