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Cooking Owl Cookies Game allows players to learn how to cook on a step-by-step basis as they play the game. They are shown how to operate the oven, the ingredients to use, and how to serve the cookies in a remarkable fashion. Cooking Owl Cookies Game has two recipes; the owl cookies game and the butterfly muffins game.

In the owl cookies game, players start by putting cheese in a bowl, whirl it, and then add salt, milk, flour, and eggs before whirling it again. They then mix the dough with their hands. The next phase is to roll the dough and then cut it into owl shapes. After this, gamers then make the cut pieces colorful by choosing the colored flavors. The cut owl shapes are then baked using an oven. The next step is to make a decorative container to carry the baked cookies and then finally put it on a show and serve it with a drink before eating.

In the butterfly muffins game, there are two recipes. The first one is to make queen cakes. Players are taken through how to whirl eggs, mix them with milk, flour, and other ingredients like food color and then bake it using the oven. The second recipe under this category is to prepare cheese flavor that is added to the earlier made queen cakes.


  • Make sure their cookies are hot, steamy, and ready to consume.
  • Gamers roll out their dough and cut out their cookies into cooking-ready shapes.
  • To make their cookies better, they need to mix all the ingredients.
  • They can enjoy their cookies by devouring them all.
  • Players make their boxes and decorate them so that they can display their cookies inside.

Do you love cookies? Well, download this Cooking Owl Cookies Game app so as to learn in the best way possible how to prepare those tasty recipes and surprise your family with the learned cooking skills!

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