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Ever dreamed of becoming a famous pastry chef? These cooking games – chef recipes are a step in the right direction! Create sweet and delicious treats like sugar cookies, ice pops, milkshakes, doughnuts, and more in this fun app. This easy and relaxing cooking bonanza offers great fun that takes players through the basics of making these irresistible sweets.

Shop and Mix
Chefs can choose from various recipes and start the game by shopping for the right ingredients. Once everything is scanned and checked out, chefs can now start preparing the mixture. Follow the instructions to get the perfect recipe and tilt or shake the device when pouring ingredients. It’s a truly interactive game that clearly demonstrates the baking process from start to finish!

Decorate the Sweets
Pastries and confections with the best decorations become even sweeter and tastier! Players can customize every recipe with syrups, drizzles, nuts, fruits, and other add-ons to make the treat ready for serving. Sweet tooths can’t help but drool over these appealing creations made by the best chef in town!

Unlock the Goodies
The game features in-app purchases that enrich the player’s gaming experience. There are two additional modes to unlock and a great number of decors to add to the chef’s inventory. Players can also unlock everything at a very affordable price!

  • Learn every ingredient included in the recipe by shopping for them in the store.
  • Easy to follow the guide in pouring, mixing, and creating the sweets.
  • Fun, interactive game that prompts tilting or shaking the device to complete the steps.
  • Make the finishing touches by adding decorations to the pastry, ice pop, or milkshake.
  • In-game purchases to unlock special game modes and pretty decorations!

Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with Cooking Games – Chef Recipes! With its big selection of recipes, awesome gameplay, and a variety of customization options, this game is the perfect choice for anyone who loves baking games and cooking games.

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