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Cooking Colorful Ice Cream game is timed and requires speed and accuracy from the players in order to complete recipes and proceed to the next stage. This game has different levels. Only the first level is unlocked, the others require gamer to access them only after winning in each and every successive stage.

This game app involves preparing ice creams by passing recipes through various stages in a conveyor. In each step of the conveyor, various additives are added to the ice cream to make a complete one that is ready to be consumed.

The more the players move to higher levels, the more competitive the game becomes. They are expected to prepare an ice cream that is similar to the one shown at the topmost right corner. If they fail to pick the right additive, the ice cream that they were preparing is thrown in a bin. After several failed attempts to finish preparing the provided recipes, the gamer lose and cannot proceed to the next level, hence replaying until they win on that particular stage.

In each of the successive levels, there are new recipes and additives that are unlocked for the players. This Cooking Colorful Ice Cream game gets more interesting as the players must have a keen eye for details in order to prepare and match the required recipe.


  • They gather their clients’ orders to make their ice cream ready for sale.
  • They make delicious, ready-to-eat, multicolored ice-cream desserts from scratch.
  • The more ice creams they can finish, the more money they will make.
  • Players pass the order through each stage of the conveyor belt.
  • The timer and the various conveyor stages to be passed make the game very competitive.

If you are a lover of Ice creams then this is a golden opportunity to learn how to prepare the colorful ones in an exciting way. Download this fun Cooking Colorful Ice Cream game app and enjoy the experience!

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