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Chefs of the future, listen up! Isn’t it so delightful to discover recipes and make a perfect dish from scratch? The kitchen is a lovely place to develop basic skills like slicing, sautéing, and baking. Honing a special talent for cooking is a rewarding activity, and this app is a great avenue to start. There’s a dish for every palate, and a step-by-step guide to create tasty meals!

Choose a dish
The entrees are all lined for the chef to prepare! Pick the specialty—baked lasagna—and start whipping! Other items on the menu include spaghetti, tacos, strawberry shortcake, burger, and pie. Take note of the ingredients and start prepping in the kitchen. It’s easy to follow the instructions, from mixing the dough to cooking and layering. From start to finish, there’s so much to learn!

Pick a dessert
Every meal ends quite nicely with a sweet and delectable dessert! There’s a selection of delicacies such as pudding and soft ice cream that are a great option for parties. Players can also learn how to make special desserts like the cherry vanilla ice cream, and princess jewelry box cake. Plus, there’s a guide to baking a baby shower cake and whipping up a sumptuous hero pizza on the menu!

Take a bite
What’s the next step? Enjoying the yummy meals, of course! Select the best plating and decorations to make an appetizing final touch to the dish. Players can choose a different drink and match colors to enhance the aesthetic. With everything finalized, it’s time to take a bite!

  • Become a kitchen expert and create specialty dishes by following the steps.
  • Choose between the main courses and desserts.
  • Carefully prepare the ingredients and learn how to slice, mix, and sauté.
  • Cook according to the recipe and create the perfect dish.
  • Select the plate, drink, and decorations and finish it all!

If the kitchen is your haven, the Cooked Baked Lasagna game is suitable for you. Download it now!

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