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Future car owners, heads up! The newest car wash station in town is now in operation. This game incorporates multiple modes in one app to make the car washing experience as action-packed as possible! Watch the vehicle transform from a dirty, unattractive machine to a sleek, blemish-free car from inside and out.

Goodbye, Rubbish
A car is pulling up for washing, but it’s an absolute mess. Players need to remove all rubbish and dispose of it properly in the bin. Some items are still usable—books, and hats should go to the box for safekeeping. These steps are a way to start removing the mess and preparing the car for the wash, paint job, and repair.

Wash and Repair
Some windows are broken and need replacement. Players should do a thorough job of swapping the old, damaged glass with brand-new ones in the selection below. Some tires are busted and need replacing, too. Afterwards, the car needs a good wash to remove the stains, marks, and dirt. There’s a huge car washing machine to complete this task, no sweat!

Beat the Time
All the objectives of the game need to be fulfilled under time pressure. Before the clock runs out, make sure to transform the car to its best form, win the game, and advance to the next level. However, there are hints to help players and a pause option as well. Restore the new-like aesthetic of the car with a thorough car wash and repair.

  • Easy rubbish removal and item recovery mechanics.
  • Replace broken windows and tires with brand-new parts.
  • Run the vehicle through the carwash machine to remove blemishes.
  • Progress to the next level by completing the job within the time limit!

Your car wash business can become a reality in the future when you build your foundation today by downloading this Clean up car wash game!

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