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The Beauty Hair Salon Management game requires keenness and speed while playing so as to serve as many customers as possible in order to garner more goals and income to achieve targets. In the game, a level is marked by ‘day’. Each day has a goal to achieve and income to get from it.

In the salon, there are seats for hair trimming and blow drying. Players pick the customers and put them in their rightful seats in order for them to get the services they need. If a customer’s hair is trimmed down to the right size or blow-dried according to her needs then gamer earn income. Otherwise, they fail because they shall have not met the day’s goal.

Each and every day comes with an extra hair-trimming seat or an extra hair-cleaning seat added because the number of customers also keeps on increasing. The daily targets are also increased and so the gamer have to race against time in order to finish serving the customers on time in order to win. All these are possible only if hair-trimming and blow-drying services are deployed to the customers as per their needs and in a timely manner.


  • Players risk losing their clients if they choose the wrong cut for them.
  • Put them in the appropriate colored chair with their preferred choices.
  • The customers will arrive for haircuts or hair washing.
  • The length of the customers’ haircut is their choice.
  • Serving the customers well will earn gamer a tip that will help them attain their objectives.

If you love to clean and make your hair kempt, then this Beauty Hair Salon Management game is for you. Download this amazing hair game and see how well you can clean customers’ hair too!

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