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Do you like babysitting young children in your family? Do you wish to improve your skills as a babysitter? The Daycare Emily Sweet Baby Girl game will be worth playing. In this game, players will care for a small and sweet child named Emily and fulfill all her needs. Let’s find out more!

Perform countless activities

In this baby daycare game, players have to conduct many activities for baby Emily, which are

  • Giving the baby a bath
  • Making her fall asleep
  • Playing with baby Emily
  • Cleaning her up when she’s dirty

Apart from that, players have to fulfill all the things that the baby wants. For instance, if Emily has a dirty diaper, players must change it quickly to make her stop carrying it. Doing all the work correctly will enable them to earn points.

Keep Emily happy

You must make sure that Emily stays happy all the time. You must maintain the “happiness bar,” which is located at the bottom of the screen. Be sure that it doesn’t get lower, or Emily will start crying. However, you can fill up the happiness bar by satisfying Emily and preventing her from bursting into tears.

You might have to restart the game if you don’t complete all the tasks. However, on the completion of the game, you get a score. In case you are not satisfied with this score, you can try and better the score by playing that level next time. Players will also find the mood meter located at the top of the screen. You have to complete all the tasks, such as dressing up, changing panties, and applying lotion or powder.

Feed baby Emily

Apart from changing clothes and diapers of Emily, this Daycare Emily, Sweet Baby Girl game will enable the players to feed their children. You will find Emily sitting in the kitchen. Drag and drop the bowl, spoon, milk, cloth, and cereal box on the table.

You must power the cereal into the bowl and add the milk. You will find three different bowls, and each of them has different types of cereals in them. Players must feed the cereal which Emily wants.

The Features

The game will enable you to conduct many daycare-related activities. But it also has some features that you should know:

  • The game contains quite a few unique activities
  • Players have to maintain the mood meter and happiness bar
  • Achieve great scores by completing most of the tasks
  • Drag and drop all the items to utilize them properly

Players will get to experience how it feels to work as a babysitter through this game. Fulfill all the tasks, score points, and keep baby Emily cheerful and happy.

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